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Is obesity a direct cause of diabetes?

My family has long history of obesity, and I think that's why most of them suffer from type 2 diabetes. I'm not considered obese yet, nor do I have diabetes. But if I don't take...

Type 2 diabetes in children. Is it because my child is considered obese?

My son was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, not 1, and I feel like type 2 diabetes is rare in children. He's very overweight as well, and his pediatrician considers him obese....

How can I manage my son's type 1 diabetes while he's at school?

My son has type 1 diabetes, and I'm worried about how well his school nurse would monitor this condition. Is there anything I should tell his nurse so I can be sure it's managed...

My child has been hospitalized for diabetes complications. Will he be OK?

My 14-year old son has been hospitalized for diabetic neuropathy. What exactly is this, and will it have long-term effects on him? I'm extremely concerned!

Does a diabetic patient need to visit a cardiologist for carrying out a complete check-up?

Lately my father-in-law has been showing signs related to a heart problem where he starts to feel dizzy. There is pain in the chest region and many more symptoms. He is also...

When do you need to visit an internist for diabetes?

I have diabetes and I need some guidance on whether or not I should visit an internist or an endocrinologist to help me manage it. I'm newly diagnosed so I'm unsure of what to...

Is maxillofacial surgery advisable for a diabetes patient?

My wife has diabetes and needs to undergo a maxillofacial surgery. Is it advisable given her condition?

I am diabetic and I feel very hungry. What can I do?

I am heavily diabetic and I feel very hungry at frequent intervals. What can I do to control my hunger?

Will my hyperactive thyroid create complications in my pregnancy?

I have a hyperactive thyroid. I am worried that this can create any complications in my pregnancy. Is this possible? How can I prevent it?

Am I diabetic?

If I don’t eat for about 1 hour, I start shaking and sweating. I would feel like I am going to pass out. My heart starts beating very fast, and after this I eat and eat but I...

Why do I feel hungry all the time?

Even though I eat regularly, I feel hungry nearly all the time. Why is this happening to me? Could it be because of my diabetes?

My mother's sugar levels are dropping, what could be the reason?

My mother is 75 years old and has been a diabetes patient. Her sugar levels are dropping regularly. Why could this be happening?

I have pain in my ankle and it may need surgery. Will my diabetes make it difficult to heal my ankle?

I am having a lot of pain in my ankle and my doctor has suggested that it will need to be operated on because there's a bone growth. I am also diabetic. Will my diabetes make...

What is the best way to clean your feet when you have diabetes?

Because I have diabetes, is there a certain way I should be cleaning my feet?

How do I lose 50 lbs with diabetes?

I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. What is the best way for me to lose 50 lbs?

How often should diabetes patients get their eyes checked?

I have diabetes and I would like to know how often should I get my eyes checked?

My son has juvenile diabetes. Can this lead to kidney problems?

My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and is still learning how to manage it. We're doing everything we can to help him, but will this condition...

What is the treatment for Hashimito's thyroiditis?

My son has been diagnosed with Hashimito's thyroiditis disorder. How is this disease usually treated? My son is out of the house and taking care of it on his own.

When is one recommended insulin injections?

In case of type 2 diabetes, when is a person recommended insulin injections? Please advice.

Does taking metformin for a long time affect the body?

I have been taking metformin for over 7 years. I haven't experienced any serious side effects, but I was wondering, it I'm taking this medication for a long period of time, would...

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