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Is it risky for children to go under anesthesia?

My daughter is 8 years old and has to have her tonsils removed. I am nervous about her going under anesthesia, and wondering if it is safe?

Will anesthesia affect my antidepressants?

I have been on antidepressants for a few years now, which have finally managed my depression. I am having a procedure done this week and will be given anesthesia. I am very afraid...

Is anesthesia risky for a COPD patient?

My father is a COPD patient. He is having surgery done in about 3 weeks and will be under anesthesia. Is this safe?

Can local anesthesia be given to treat chronic pain?

My mother suffers from a lot of pain in her back. It seems she has tried every treatment option available, with no success. Can local anesthesia be given to treat her chronic...

Is it to get anesthesia with a fever?

I have to have an abdominal surgery to treat a growth that is causing an infection. Due to the infection I have fever. Is it safe for me to to get anesthesia with a fever?

Can anesthesia leave a person dazed and drowsy for over two days?

My husband had an endoscopy done, and was under anesthesia. That was two days ago and he is still very drowsy and dazed. Is this normal?

Are there any side effects of an epidural injection?

I am pregnant with my first child, and of course am nervous about giving birth. I am also nervous about getting an epidural. Are there any side effects of an epidural injection?...

Is it safe for me to get an anesthesia after having my insulin injection?

I am a diabetic, and have to have a small surgery on my leg. Is it safe to get an anesthesia after taking my regular insulin injection?

My wisdom tooth is piercing my gum. What should I do?

I have recently got my wisdom tooth and it is piercing deep into my gum that is causing a lot of pain. I am on a travel and will have to wait about 1 week before seeing my dentist....

After a fall I have not been able to walk comfortably. Why?

I fell last month when I slipped in the bathroom. Since then I have been unable to walk comfortably. What is the cause for this?

Can varicose veins be cured, or just managed with medicines?

My mother has been dealing with varicose veins and often ends up having a lot of pain in her legs. Is there any treatment for this condition or does it only have to be managed...

Is there anyway to prevent chicken pox?

My son is 5 years old and has chickenpox, even though he was vaccinated. I have a small baby at home who was also vaccinated, but I am afraid he will get it too. Is there any...

What can be done for chipped tooth?

My front tooth recently chipped. Money is tight for me. Are there any reasonably priced options to fix my chipped tooth?

I have tooth sensitivity but no cavities. What could be the reason?

I am experiencing a lot of tooth sensitivity. But my dentist has confirmed there are no cavities. What could be the reason for this sensitivity?

Can a chiropractor help me get relief from muscle pain?

I am having a lot of muscle pain particularly around my back. Can a chiropractor help me get some relief?

I am having a lot of hip pain that doctors say is due to spinal degeneration. Can a chiropractor help?

I am 62 years old and am suffering from a lot of hip pain. The doctor says its due to spinal degeneration. Would seeing a chiropractor help to ease this pain? I really do not...

After having a bypass can I get blockages again?

I underwent a bypass 2 months ago and am still recovering. I have been feeling very anxious about going through this again. Can I get blockages again?

Are painkillers safe to have for menstrual cramps?

I am 34 years old and I have always had severe cramps. Over the counter medications really do not help me at all. Can stronger painkillers help, and are they safe to take for...

Has my mother's illness affected my wife?

My wife is the sole caregiver for my mother who is bedridden with multiple problems. My wife is constantly tending to her and has become very emotionally vulnerable. Could caring...

I have soreness around my vagina after sex. What is causing this?

After having sex, I have extreme soreness around my vagina. I am very worried. What is causing this and can it be cured?

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