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How do I manage my depression after menopause?

I recently hit menopause and it’s been a very tough phase for me, especially mentally. I have been extremely depressed and I don’t know why or what to do. Please help.

Can acupuncture treat chronic fatigue syndrome?

I am suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and medicines don’t seem to be helping much. A friend suggested me to try acupuncture. Do you think it can help in any way?

My sister's baby has been diagnosed with infant cataract. Is this curable?

My sister's baby is 2 months old and has been diagnosed with infant cataract. Is this curable?

How is strabismus treated?

My son is 6 years old and has strabismus. How can this be treated?

Does acupuncture help in treating skin disorders?

My sister is having eczema and it keeps recurring even though she has completed her medicine course. Will acupuncture help?

Can dyslexia be treated?

My son has dyslexia. I really do not want him to struggle in his life. Is there anything that can be done to treat this/help him overcome?

What nutritional supplements are recommended after the flu?

My daughter is recovering from a bad flu and I would like to know if there are any nutritional supplements that I should be giving her to aid faster recovery?

How often should we get vaccinated for the flu?

I believe it is important to get vaccinated for the flu. How often does this need to be done?

Is it safe for someone with asthma to wear perfume?

My daughter loves perfumes and has about 20 different kinds but she also has asthma. I worry about this triggering an attack for her. Although it has not yet, should she stay...

Should I try physical therapy for my urinary incontinence?

I have severe urinary incontinence. Do you think physical therapy will help to manage my condition?

Can physical therapy help to control diabetes?

Is it possible for one to manage or control diabetes through physical therapy?

Can plastic surgery change the entire shape of my nose?

I have had my nose broken on numerous occasions and it is now crooked with a bump. Can plastic surgery fix this completely? I'm afraid to go under the knife if the results will...

Are there chances of complications in skin grafting for diabetic patient?

My husband is a diabetes patient and is due to undergo a skin grafting procedure. I know that typically patients with diabetes have a harder time healing. Should we be concerned...

Can psychologists also help one deal with pain better?

My mother complains of a lot of pain all over her body, though the doctors are unable to diagnose anything. Can a psychologist help?

My sister loses interest in things very fast, having a negative impact on her life.

My sister is 20 years old and loses interest in things/gets bored extremely fast. It is starting to have an affect on her love life, friendships, and even work. Can a psychologist...

What can I do to get rid of chickenpox scars for my little one?

My son is 5 years old and had a bout of chickenpox. It has even left scars on him. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these scars?

How is impetigo treated?

My daughter contracted impetigo from school. While we have started treatment, it is still not helping. I would like a second opinion on the treatment for impetigo.

Can the flu be treated with just tylenol?

Can a mild flu be treated by only taking tylenol?

What can I do to lower my blood sugar?

I have been a diabetic for the past 12 years. What can I do to lower my blood sugar without medication?

What is the treatment for fluid accumulation around one side of the lung?

My mother has fluid accumulation around one side of her lungs. Can it be drained out with medicines?

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