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Why does my baby have so much sticky substance coming out of her eyes?

My daughter is 1 month old and I've noticed that she has a lot of sticky discharge in her eyes. What could be causing this?

How can I get over my fears of height?

I have a very strong fear of heights, but I want to overcome it. What are the steps that I should take?

What treatment should I have to remove my stitch marks?

I have stitch marks from my last surgery, and it looks almost like a scar. What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these surgery marks?

Can a surgery treat gout?

I have been diagnosed with gout, and the doctor says dietary changes will help manage my condition. But can a surgery be faster in providing relief?

How do I treat ringworm?

I've been suffering from ringworm for the past year. I've taken treatment from my local doctor, and for some time, the infection was controlled. After some time, however, the...

My son is having a cavity filled. Will he need anesthesia?

My son is 8 years old and has to have his cavity filled. He's very sensitive to pain, and I'm worried that this is going to cause him a lot of it. Would he need to have anesthesia...

How will acupuncture help my fibromyalgia?

I have severe pain from fibromyalgia. I heard it's mostly due to stress, and I want to find ways to relieve it. Will acupuncture help me? If not, what other things should I...

I'm terrified about having my wisdom teeth pulled! Can I request general anesthesia?

My wisdom teeth need to be pulled and I'm very, very nervous about the procedure. Can I be put under general anesthesia? How does that work in a dental office -- will there be...

My dentist told me I need a bridge. What is the process of getting a bridge?

I have two molars that are missing. My dentist said a bridge would fill the gap. What exactly is a bridge and what is the process of getting one put into my mouth?

I'm curious. What are some of the most common reasons people need an emergency medicine doctor for?

What are some of the most common conditions or situations where adults or children would need an emergency medicine physician?

My son has been having bad headaches. His neurologist is sending him to a radiologist. What can we expect next?

My 12 year old son has been complaining of sharp headaches over the last few weeks. I took him to see a pediatric neurologist who is now sending my son to a radiologist for some...

What is the success rate for radiation on cancer?

Out of all of the treatments for cancer, what's the success rate of radiation therapy? What is the criteria for it to be used?

What is a mommy makeover?

I heard that my friend wanted to get a mommy makeover after having her first child. What exactly is this procedure? What should one really consider before going through with...

Can physical therapy help my mom?

My mom had surgery in her hand and is still recovering from it. She can't completely close it. Can physical therapy help her? Or should she go for occupational?

How is glaucoma usually treated?

What does the treatment for glaucoma involve? My father has diabetes and just developed glaucoma as well. I just want to know the best way that it could be treated to help him....

My eyes are really dry. What should I do?

My eyes have been really dry lately. I use eye drops, and they only help a little bit, but there has to be more. Can you recommend anything?

What are some treatment options for son's hip dysplasia?

My 6 year old son has hip dysplasia. Is surgery the only treatment option, or are there other options we can take to help make his condition better, such as physical therapy?...

My mother was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and she is becoming increasingly depressed and frightened. Should I take her to see a psychiatrist?

My mother, who was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's, is becoming more depressed, frightened and panicky -- especially when she forgets something, and knows she has forgetten it!...

One of my incisors is longer than the other. I'm ready to fix this, but how?

I have an incisor that is longer than the other one. I have had a lifelong fear of the dentist but now I'm ready to get this fixed! What can be done to make my longer incisor...

Help! I'm away on vacation and a filling fell out of my tooth.

I'm travelling for a couple of weeks. Last night, a filling fell out of one my teeth. The whole left behind is pretty sizable. How do I protect the tooth until I get back home...

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