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My son has a kidney stone, is passing it the only way to remove it?

My son is only 10 years old and has a kidney stone. Is the only way for him to have it removed is by pushing it out through urination?

High platelet count

I had a high platelet count the last time at the doctors. I heard about thrive vitamins to help with energy. I wanted to take them since I have low muscle tone. Will it effect...

I have stiffness in my neck. Will an over the counter medication help?

I have some stiffness in my neck. Will an OTC pain reliever be enough to treat this?

What is causing my random back pain?

I am having a lot of random back pain and I am not understanding the reason for it as I havent injured it or been in any accident. Could you please advise what tests I should...

What is the reason behind my frequent headaches?

I am having frequent headaches throughout my whole head. NSAIDS dont seem to be helping the pain. I'm worried it's something serious. How can i tell?

Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

I am having hip pain ever since I delivered my baby. Will yoga help in treating it?

My son had a heart transplant. What will recovery entail?

My son is 8 years old and he recently underwent a heart transplant. How long will it take him to resume life as a normal kid again? Are there any activities or things he will...

What can I do to prevent my sugar from going too low at night?

My sugar levels often drop a lot while I am sleeping. What can I do to prevent my sugar levels from dropping too much?

Can liver cancer be treated by an interventional radiologist?

Can an interventional radiologist help in treating liver cancer or do you just see an oncologist?

What is the earliest age someone can get braces?

My child whose 7 has very crooked teeth. At what age can he get braces?

Can a diet help treat my child with ADHD?

My son has ADHD. Is there a specific diet that helps with ADHD?

My son hurt his back and needs to undergo surgery. Will it affect his future life?

My son whose 14 years old had a nasty fall and hurt his back. He needs to undergo surgery to fix his spine. Will he be able to fully recover?

My daughter has a persistant fever. What should I do?

My daughter has been having persisting fevers. She was tested for some infectious diseases and malaria but they are negative. When should the next test be?

How soon after anesthesia will I become conscious again?

I am due to undergo surgery with general anesthesia. How soon after the anesthesia will I gain consciousness again?

I am into heavy drinking. Is it too late to save my liver?

I've been drinking for around 30 years and I feel like I am doomed for liver disease. Can you tell me ways in which I could protect my liver?

How long can I manage my diabetes without medications?

I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I dont have insurance and am worried I wont be able to recieve medication or treatment. How long is it possible for me to manage my...

How can I prevent my back from getting strained at work?

I have a laborious job that requires me to lift a lot of weight. What can I do to prevent my back from getting strained?

Can braces cause injury?

I'm 17 years old and am going to get braces and I am very paranoid about it. Can braces cause any injury during the fitting process? How badly does it hurt? WIll they numb my...

What is the life of a dental implant?

How much time should pass before I get my dental implants changed?

Does dengue virus spread from one person to another?

Can dengue spread from one person to another? Is there a way from preventing the spread of the disease?

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