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Do peptic ulcers require surgery?

I went to the doctor about some pain that I've been experiencing in my stomach, and realized that it was a peptic ulcer. This happened a few weeks ago, and I'm still in pain....

Headaches from glasses. Is it serious?

Since I've gotten my glasses, I've been getting a lot of headaches for, what it seems, no rhyme or reason. I can't really take it any more, and these headaches are making it hard...

My vision gets blurry at random points of the day.

While working, I noticed that my vision frequently unfocuses and becomes blurry. This happens at random points throughout the day, and even if I wear my glasses (it also happens...

What is an angioplasty like through interventional radiology?

I need to have an angioplasty, and my doctor would rather do this through internationally radiology because it's less invasive. What is the procedure going to involve?

Are there any risks with lip injections?

My lips have never looked exactly how I wanted them to look, not even with any plumping gloss that I use. I'm considering getting lip injections. Are there any risks?

How effective are face lifts?

I want to get rid of all of the loose skin on my face, and I really can't stand it. Now, I just went for a consultation for a face lift, and me and my surgeon went over exactly...

Does scoliosis need surgery?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was child, and it was never really corrected. The doctors have been monitoring it, and I wore a brace when I was child but it barely worked...

Are antidepressants good for elderly patients?

To relieve her depression, my mom's doctor prescribed her antidepressants. But I'm worried that because of her age, that she would experience a further decline in her mental health--since...

Swollen lymph nodes making it difficult to breath. Will the hospital help me?

I have a big lump on the left side of my neck, the size of a grape fruit. I don't have medicare. It's very uncomfortable. If I go to the emergency room will they help me? I'm...

Difficult swallowing

I am a heavy smoker, have had a sore throat for 2 weeks, and have had difficulty swallowing at times. I also suffer from GERD. Should I see a specialist? My doctor doesn't seem...

How is leukemia diagnosed?

It took a while for my friend's daughter to be diagnosed with leukemia, and it felt like it was too long. How is leukemia usually diagnosed in patients? Especially the young...

Drinking himself into unconsciousness

My husband is an alcoholic. After years of treatment, counseling and AA meetings he has stopped drinking. Or so I thought. I find empty, hidden liquor bottles plus most nights...

Are there any warning signs of gingivitis?

I was diagnosed with gingivitis a few months ago, but I feel like I had no symptoms of it, whatsoever. If it wasn't for my dentist, I probably would still think that nothing is...

What tooth implants are used?

What kind of implants are used for teeth today?

Is general anesthesia sometimes used for wisdom tooth extractions?

I have to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm a little nervous for the procedure. Do these procedures sometimes need general anesthesia?

Is tooth sensitivity a sign of decay?

The teeth in the back of my mouth have been really sensitive lately, and I'm not sure why. Could this sensitivity be a sign of tooth decay?

How many times a year should kids get a teeth whitening?

My child goes for their checkup at least once every three months. How often should I take her to get her teeth whitened? She's 10-years-old.

When should I get my fillings replaced?

I had my cavity filled a while ago, and now I'm starting to feel pain in the same exact area. Would I need to get this filling replaced?

Is dry mouth possible because of my inhaler?

I've had asthma for, pretty much, my entire life and I've been using an inhaler for it. Lately, my mouth has been really dry, almost constantly, and my dentist said that I also...

When is a root canal recommended?

Throughout all my check ups at the dentist, I have never needed a root canal. I was just wondering what are the requirements to have a root canal. When is it recommended?

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