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Can water cause my teeth to discolor?

I recently moved more into the city, and I noticed that my teeth were a little discolored. I don't really drink soda, and very rarely, I drink coffee. Could regular tap water...

How bad is teeth grinding?

My husband noticed the other night that I grind my teeth while I sleep. This just started to happen, and I'm not really sure about why it started. How bad is this for my health?...

How can I treat cold sores in my child?

My son has cold sores, and I believe that he contracted this from his school. What is the best way to treat this? Do they go away on their own?

How is oral thrush treated?

My little brother has been diagnosed with oral thrush. How is it treated? Is it contagious?

What is the best diet after having bypass surgery?

I had coronary artery bypass surgery 3 months ago. What are the kinds of foods I should be eating and staying away from?

Can nuclear medicine help in treating cancer?

Is there a treatment possible under nuclear medicine for fatal diseases like cancer?

Why does my hip crack every time I move?

Lately, it seems anytime I move at all my hip makes a large popping sound. Why would this be happening? Is this normal for someone my age? (25 years old)

Can acupuncture help with weight loss?

I have tried everything to lose weight. Diet, exercising, yoga - nothing is helping me. Can acupuncture help with weight loss?

Why are two thermometers showing different temperature readings?

I took my temperature reading from two thermometers, and both are showing different readings. Why would this be happening, and which one should I believe?

Is it okay to have only fruits for breakfast?

Most days, I grab a piece of fruit and run for the door. Is it okay to only have fruits for breakfast?

Are colored lenses bad for the eyes?

I have been thinking of getting colored lenses for my eyes. But are they bad for my eyes in the long run?

When is a person in coma declared dead?

My sister has been in a coma for the last 2 years after she had brain surgery. Now, the doctor is asking us if we want to end her life support because she has no signs of activity,...

Does a shoulder dislocation always require a surgery?

My shoulder dislocated while playing a volleyball. My dad tried popping it back in, but now I'm in even more pain. I think I'm going to need to go to the hospital, would I need...

How is an overbite usually treated?

I was just diagnosed with an overbite, and my orthodontist says I'm probably going to need braces for it. Is this the only way to correct it? I'm 23 years old, I think I'm a...

How are oral cysts diagnosed?

To me, it looks like I have a cyst in my mouth. It's not very large, but there is some pain. How will I know if it is cancerous or not? Would I need it removed?

Are there any home remedies to treat gingivitis?

Are there any simple home remedies available that will help me treat gingivitis?

What can I do to correct my posture?

I have been sitting at a desk 40 hours per week for nearly 30 years. This has caused my back to become very hunched. As I get older, I am starting to worry more about my posture....

Are there any home remedies to treat loose bowel movements in a toddler?

My son is almost 2 years old and keeps having loose bowel movements. Are there any simple, natural home remedies to help with this?

What is the best treatment for mouth ulcers?

I frequently have the problem of mouth ulcers. Can you suggest the best treatment?

Does local anesthesia also make one drowsy?

Can I feel drowsy from local anesthesia?

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