Senior Health

Alzheimer's and Assisted Living: The Considerations

Make sure that whichever one you choose that you are keeping your loved one in mind.

  • Don’t choose a community based on your likes and dislikes. Consider the personality and preferences of your loved one when making an assisted living decision. You may find that the impressive facility you saw is not as “nice” as you thought. The residents seem unhappy, and the staff is snappy. Find somewhere else.
  • The closest facility to you is not necessarily the best facility for your loved one. You may think you need to be close to visit every day but be realistic. Are you going to visit every day? Generous thought, but maybe impractical. The facility across the valley may be the better fit for your loved one, so do not disregard it.
  • Don’t decide quickly. Take your time. Look at as many facilities as you can and take lots of notes. Often families choose the very first open room they find in the first facility they visited. This could prove to be a costly mistake.