Senior Health

Alzheimer's and Assisted Living: The Considerations

When choosing a facility, be realistic and try to plan for the future.

The decision to seek out an assisted living facility can definitely feel troubling. But, if you do not fall into these common mistakes, the choice will make you feel a little more comfortable.

  • Be realistic about what your loved one needs today and in the future. Choose a facility that is equipped to provide care as your loved one ages or becomes unable to take care of themselves.
  • Talk to your loved one’s doctors and ask what they will need in the future in the way of care. Find the right facility at the beginning. Moving your parent from one facility to another is burdensome and costly. It is emotionally and physically detrimental to the resident.
  • Luxury communities do not necessarily equate to quality senior care. An upscale-looking facility is just as prone to errors as a home that looks a little dated. Quality of care is not something you can discover by just driving past a community. You need to ask questions, trust your intuition, and speak privately with residents and staff about their happiness level. A happy staff is excellent, and cheerful residents are better.