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Do I Have Allergies?

Get an Allergy Test

Get an Allergy Test

Allergy tests are used as a means to determine the causes or triggers of an allergic response. Allergy tests provide the essential information an allergist needs in order to protect you from having an allergic reaction in the future. 

There are different types of allergy tests:

  1. Skin prick test, which involves a small drop of an allergen on the skin. The droplet contains the allergen, and will enter the skin to test if the skin will become raised, itchy, or red, indicating an allergic response.
  2. Intradermal test, which is primarily performed by injecting the allergen into the skin.
  3. Skin patch test, which uses a small amount of the allergen on a pad that will be attached to the skin.

Each test variation can bring you one step closer to figuring out what you are allergic to, and how you can prevent a future allergic response.