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Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy

Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy

Cloudy urine pregnancy is the indication for most of the diseases therefore any problem occur the person get alarm that what happened to them. Urine exists as a wonderful gauge. As we know that the urine color is a powerful indicator not only the color but the smell and the consistency also plays an important role. It’s normally seen that the expecting mother’s usually experiences the “cloudy Urine” which may occur due to the variety of reasons.Some of the reason can be solved simply at home while some of them require the medication. Some reasons are so severe that they require the proper monitoring in the duration of the pregnancy. Here we will discuss the possible reasons why the urine gets cloudy during the days of pregnancy.

Urinary tract infection

Mostly the urine gets pregnancy due to the urinary tract infection. The infection can occur due to the multiple reasons, which also includes not having the enough urine frequency. So you have to go whenever you need to especially in the days of pregnancy. After the diagnosis, the UTIs can be treated with the medication.

Protein in urine

This condition is common in the second and the third month of pregnancy, during the first it occasionally shows up. The protein concentration when getting high in urine it’s termed as the “Proteinuria”. When the high blood pressure occurs in the state of Preeclampsia the first warning sign of it is “Proteinuria”. The parental condition during this case gets very serious and it requires the proper monitoring in the dates of pregnancy.

Rising of Hormonal level

As the hormone levels rise the urine gets cloudy urine pregnancy. It mostly occurs because the body start producing the “pregnancy Hormone” after the formation of the placenta. The hormonal level start doubling till the 11th month and it starts from the 2-3 month of pregnancy, and then it tapered off. Some of the hormones mix with the urine which causes the cloudiness in the urine. After the end of the first trimester, the cloudiness get disappears if the cause is the hormonal concentration.

Some of the Foods

Sudden change in the diet can also trigger the issues of the cloudy urine pregnancy. Some of the food may also cause the cloudy urine they are as follow: diary, orange Juice, asparagus. If the food is the culprit so the person should cut off the food intake which causes the cloudiness in the urine.

Loss of Water

The cloudiness in urine may also appear by not drinking enough water. The normal water intake should be 8-10 glasses daily. In addition, to the cloudiness, the dehydration also causes the darkening of the urine. This cause can be solved easily but some of the conditions require the medical treatment.


The appearance of the urine can also be solved by the medication. A person should have to look at the side effect or they have to consult with the doctor so that it may be the side effect of any of the medication.

Regardless of the cause, if you see any changes in the color or appearance of your urine, you should never hesitate to consult your doctor. It’s always better to be sure than to regret later on.