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Safeguard Your Home From Allergies Today!

Allergen is known to be a substance which can lead to allergic reaction in an individual. For those who suffer from allergic reaction from outdoor allergens then the allergens present inside the house can tend to aggravate the issue. Hence it becomes important to learn on how to safeguard the house from these allergens.

It would not be possible to stay off every single molecule of the allergen but by using various tips or number of methods one can look to bring them in control. Our home is a castle unless when one is allergic to it. There are millions of people around the globe who suffer from allergic reactions and most of these are found to be indoor allergens such as mold, pet dander or dust.

The season of allergy is among us and staying indoors may provide relief for some time. Hence follow the below mentioned tips where allergens would not get you as much.

  • Keep a watch on any dust. Ensure to clean the home often and be aware of any such items which can collect dust too often such as fake plants, furniture any other items. Also while cleaning ensure you wear your face mask as well as hand gloves to limit your exposure to dust as well as dander since in certain individuals just touching the face can lead to reaction of the allergens. Ensure to vacuum your house once or twice every week. A vacuum cleaner which has been certified as asthma friendly can help in removing the allergens very much effectively. Clean those surfaces of the home with a disinfectant. Dust mites are known to mostly thrive on such dirty and cluttered regions of the house. The more number of bare walls as well as floors present in the house there would be less of dust mites in the house. You can always go in for washable rugs as much as possible since dust mites are highly known to hide in those carpets. The lesser the size of the carpet the easier it would be to clean as well as remove those allergens. Use of rugs are known to be anytime beneficial since they can be washed very much easily. During warm or humid weather ensure to run the air condition since dust are known to thrive in warm and humid environments. You can also purchase a dehumidifier since there is more moisture present in the air the more it would allow for allergens to flourish. Use of dehumidifier would help to cut down on the growth of mold which is considered to be one of the harmful home allergen.
  • Though it may seem nice to let your dog in and sit on the sofa or your bed but it would not do anything good for your allergies. Saliva of the pet and dander are some of the common allergens for individuals who are troubled with allergies. If you breath in any of those allergens for a longer period of time would lead into mornings which are rough and discomforting. You can also control the amount of dander present in the house by regularly washing off your animals. Try and keep the bedroom off the limits from the pets. Wash the areas where the pets often sit or sleep. For those who have pet, then it is mostly sure that the pet is provoking the allergies in you hence if you are severely suffering from pet dander allergies then reconsider the thought of keeping your pet at home.
  • It is important to first identify what you are allergic to and for this you would need to schedule an appointment with the allergy specialist or your doctor for receiving an allergy test. Once the test is carried out and you identify the allergen causing those reactions you can then try to figure out where those allergens are commonly persistent in your daily life. Also a good night’s sleep is said to be a great start to fresh and energetic mornings. It is anytime worthwhile to try and control any potential allergens present inside the home but if you are aware on what kind of specific allergen you are allergic to then you can mostly focus on safeguarding the house from that particular allergen.

Bedroom is considered to be one of the most allergen prone room of the house since one of the most common indoor allergen is called as dust mite. One of the most important thing an individual can do for cases of dust mite allergies is to put hypoallergenic casings on the bed, box springs and the pillows. With the use of washable bedding one can reduce the presence of dust mites in the bed.

Many of them tend to pile up with bed with fancy quilts. Throw pillows as well as woollen blankets which have not been washed on a regular basis since when you move them around the house at night while you are getting ready for bed then it may stir up the particulate which are found in the linens. This also very well applies to stuff animals which are bought for children but just lie around in a corner gathering dust. Instead of just piling up the stacks of such cuddly and furry toys on the bed it is better to keep them away from the bed and also try to limit their numbers.

Try out for the ones which can be washable. Ensure to wash the child’s linens as well as those stuffed animals at least once in a week in hot water. Get rid of the carpets from the bedroom or any other place in the house instead go in for a smooth surfaced floor at home since it can reduce the particles of dust mites which otherwise tend to accumulate on the carpets. In case of kitchen and other regions, cockroaches are known to act as a trigger of asthma as well as allergies hence it is important to keep most of the area clean and neat.