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Skin Cancer Prevention

If you are one of them having a fair skin, hair or eye colour or you are above 65 years of age then you are susceptible to skin cancer issues. As the climate starts to become warmer try and use these tips mentioned below for preventing the occurrence of skin cancer since it can be easily preventable rather than getting it treated later.

Remember that the skin you have now is the only skin you ever have and will ever get. Hence it becomes important to keep it the best for which early care and treatment becomes essential. Skin cancer is known to occur when the cells of the skin get damaged, for example being too much exposed to the ultraviolet harmful rays.

Skin cancer is bifurcated into three types and they are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and lastly melanoma which is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. The sooner the skin is being identified as well as treated the better it would be to avoid any chances of surgery or in the case of a serious form of melanoma or any other skin cancer it can turn out to be potential disfigurement of death in worse scenario.

  • During the mid-afternoon hours the sun rays are considered to be strongest along with its harmful rays hence if you have to be out during those hours then it is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion which is at least above 30 SPF. Ensure to apply the lotion half an hour before going out in the sun. Apart from the sunscreen lotion it is also good to look out for application of moisturiser which has a low SPF mostly created for sensitive skin types. It is important to protect the skin from the sun. Gradually as time passes the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can lead to wrinkles, freckles, age spots, growths consisting of moles or even skin cancer. Hence to protect the skin you should follow certain tips such as, try and avoid the sun between the 10am to 2pm timeline. Always wear-brimmed hats, protective full clothing such as long sleeves shirts and pants. Application of generous amount of sun-screen lotion can do a lot of help and also you can apply it on a frequent basis which can be every two hours and if you are swimming or you sweat a lot then apply the lotion more regularly. Apart from high SPF also make a note that the sunscreen lotion should also have UVA and UVB coverage wherein on the label of the packet is should mention “broad-spectrum”. Try and avoid the use of tanning beds. Apart from the lotion, you can also wear full clothing so as to protect the other parts of the body being exposed to the sun leading to skin issues.
  • It is a good idea to visit the dermatologist on a regular basis or at least once in a year. This becomes very much important for those individuals who have a family history of skin conditions. Excessive use of medications is known to be also harmful for the skin hence it is important to check with the doctor about the medications and any of its harmful effects on the skin.  It is a good to speak to the doctor about the level of risk as well as advice on the early detection of skin cancer. Try to become familiar with the look of your skin hence if there are any changes on the skin you can immediately identify and get it checked with the doctor. Look out for signs such as sores which do not heal, crusty sores, any kind of small lumps which are pale, red or pearly in colour, any kind of new spots on the skin, freckles or any other moles which change in colour, shape or size over a period of time. Look out for those which are mostly dark brown to black in colour or are red, blue-black in colour.

Try to go out for those products which have mineral zinc oxide. It is important to choose the correct product based on the need and type of your skin. Try and add the antioxidant skin care ingredients to the daily skin care regime. The best ones to be used are green tea polyphenols and Vitamin C. But again not all the products which have these ingredients would work as they are supposed to.

To get the maximum benefit for the skin you can use high concentrations of pure and stable antioxidants. It is said that antioxidants which are used on the skin would act as an extra type of protection against the damaging free radicals which are formed from the exposure of the sun. Try and control the inflammation of the skin from any kind of common rashes so as to help in focusing the resources of the skin to fight against the skin cancer. It is proved scientifically that the skin which is inflamed is depleted off the antioxidants hence it becomes very much prone to skin cancer.

For example, if you are suffering from rosacea or seborrhea which are two of the most common rashes which one can experience during adulthood should be immediately bought under control. Any Vitamin A retinoid products would help to lower the risk of skin cancer. After consulting with the doctor you can use any prescription product such as tretinotin or any non-prescription product.

These can be used before going to bed since Vitamin A retinoid is known to break down if it comes in contact with light. Follow a complete skin care routine by using products prescribed by the doctor or the one which soothes your skin. Follow a routine of Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate, Protect. Many of the skin cancer issues are known to occur on the face as well as neck hence to optimise your facial skin care is very much important.

Taking precautions beforehand and taking care of the skin and body is way better than the treatment procedure which would turn out to be stressful and troublesome.