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Sunburn Irritation Relief

Sunburns are known to be caused after the body is exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays for a longer duration either direct exposure to the sun or using tanning beds. The symptoms may not appear immediately but can appear after several hours later.

The superficial sunburn symptoms an individual may experience are tender, red and itchiness of the skin whereas the second degree burns would start to form into blisters on the skin and it can occur within the first 24 hours after being exposed to the sun. If you are experiencing irritating, painful and itching sunburn problems after having an enjoyable day at the beach then how about going through these tips for better managing the sunburn treatment.

  • Inflammation is known to be one of the major issue which makes sunburn very much annoying and troublesome. Oatmeal bath along with Vitamin E is known to help out in reducing the inflammation as well as to ease the discomfort caused due to sunburn. Grind a cup of oatmeal in a blender or a food processor and then pour the grind oatmeal powder in a bath full of warm water. You can also pour Vitamin E oil in it for some added benefit. Oatmeal is known to help in calming down the inflammation as well as to soothe the itchiness on the skin.
  • People also complain that sunburn can also lead to itchiness hence in such cases individuals can look to apply aloe vera and the hydrocortisone cream for reducing the swelling as well to find comfort from the itchiness issues. But do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after using it. Aloe vera can also be chilled in the refrigerator in an ice cube tray over night for making about an extra soothing aloe cubes. It would provide for a super cool soothing sensation which can further help to reduce the swelling. The cubes can be wrapped in a clean thin towel or you can wait for those cubes to melt down a bit before you can place them on the burn regions of the skin. Ensure not to apply any frozen things directly on the burn region since it can worsen the condition.
  • To feel a little bit cool while you are also experiencing sunburn, you can also apply freshly brewed tea bags on the skin. Do not apply hot tea bags since it may tend to burn your skin. Application of cool tea bags would help to pull the heat from the body. This tip would be very much useful for those who are mostly travelling and may not carry an entire bottle of aloe vera gel along with them. Instead you can pack some tea bags or grab some freshly available tea bags which can be offered by the hotels and make use of it as your own remedy. Another method of using tea bags or tea are, brew some batch of several tea bags and keep it aside for cooling. Once the tea is in a comfortable temperature wherein it does not hurt the skin, you can soak a washcloth in that concentrated tea and then lightly pat that rag of cloth over the sunburn region. The tea would help to bring out the heat of the burn thereby reducing the painful stinging it ideally causes.
  • For balancing the pH levels of the skin you can apply one cup of cider vinegar to the water which can help to speed up the recovery time. You can fill up a spray bottle with a mixture of cider vinegar and water which can instantly provide relief from the sunburn pain.  During the initial couple of days, you would be experiencing tender skin burn in such cases try to spray a bit of the mixture on the skin which would provide instant form of relief. Vinegar is known to have antiseptic properties that helps in killing the germs, calms down the inflammation, reduces the itchiness on the skin and also the pain.
  • The body is also working hard to get rid of the sunburn hence if you experience skin peels or blisters then just leave it alone. You can visit a skin specialist or a dermatologist in case if the pain or the irritation worsens.            

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, few of the other remedies which can also help to provide relief from the symptoms of sunburn are:

  • Take some cold plain yogurt which is said to contain probiotics that help in restoring of the natural barrier of the skin. Now spread the thin layer of the yogurt on the sunburn region. Let this yogurt sit on the skin for around 10 minutes and then dab it off with a cold rag.
  • Milk based lotion can be lathered on the sunburn region of the skin to moisturise it properly.  The proteins and fats which are present in the milk is known to help in soothing the sunburn by creating a protective kind of film over that skin but if you do not like the idea of soaking your body in a bath full containing milk then you can go in for lotion containing milk ingredients which are readily available in market. After a few days of getting sunburn, the skin would start to dry which can ultimately lead to skin feeling irritated thereby causing it to peel off. In such cases it becomes important that the skin is hydrated during this entire period and at such cases using the milk based lotion would help to maintain the hydration of the skin thereby not allowing it to dry and peel off.
  • During such sunburn issues ensure to always wear loose clothing so that it can help the skin to heal faster. Wearing tight clothes are known to cause more irritation to the already sunburn affected skin so in such cases it is advisable that you would not want to increase the itchiness of the sunburn skin. Hence in such cases one must wear loose fitting clothes so that it allows for the skin to breath and also help it to heal at a much faster pace.