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What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

Are you frustrated because you just cannot seem to get rid of those unsightly bags under eyes? This common problem makes people try to figure out what causes bags under eyes in the first place. Even if you've been taking proper care of your skin, these eye bags may appear out of nowhere, making you look older than your age. You can surely find certain ways to treat these eye bags, but some of these options can be quite irritating and even expensive. To begin with, some information about the causes of bags under eyes will be needed in preventing them from making you look haggard.


That's right – you may be getting old. Your muscles and ligaments become weak with age, making it difficult for your skin under the eyes to hold fats in place. The fat will accumulate underneath your eyes and make them look puffy. These eye bags may become even more prominent when you have other issues, such as stress or a sickness. If you also notice layers of fat on your lower eyelids with eye bags, you're just getting old.


Some people will have eye bags irrespective of their age because they have this issue in their genes. If it runs in your family, you may develop bags under eyes even if you're still very young.


What causes bags under eye, you may ask? Allergy is one of the answers. Any exposure to certain allergens may lead to the inflammation of your mucus membrane in your eyes. This will also accompany with irritation, swelling, rubbingand itching. Rubbing your eyes will lead to the development of bags and puffy eyes. If allergy is the underlying cause of your eye bags, you will also experience other symptoms, such as watery eyes, stuffy nose and pain on the eyebrow and cheeks.

Water Retention

Your body retains water in different areas to combat dehydration. The water can accumulate under your eyes that will cause unwanted puffiness. Excess stress will make water retention worse and make those bags under eyes even more prominent.

Hormonal Changes

People undergoing hormonal changes may develop eye bags. This is quite common in women during pregnancy and menstrual flows. Hormonal changes may also lead to fluid retention under eyes, which in turn will add puffiness to your eyes.

Sleep Problem

Sleep problem is also one of the answers to"What causes bags under eyes?" Not taking adequate sleep will result in bags under eyes with dark circles that will make you look weak and tired. Some people may also see bags under eyes due to oversleep. Change your bad sleeping habits to get rid of under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles.

Now, you know you can have puffy eyes due to so many reasons and prevent it in the first place, it is also important to learn to live the look of your eyes, especially if it has something to do with genetics. Furthermore, if you're growing old, you will have dark circles and bags under eyes. Accepting it will make you feel less stressed, which will indirectly help improve your skin.