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What Is Literotica?

[Infographic] What Is Literotica and Where Did it Come From

Literotica refers to creatively written erotica. The term originated from the website It features user-submitted erotic stories and poetry. The site's name, literotica, caught on and has become synonymous to modern erotic literature. Literotica is an erotic composition that often contains soft porn material. Its goal is more on telling a story than titillating the reader with its sexual content. There is a divide among readers when it comes to judging a work as literotica or just plain porn. Since there are no standards or guidelines as to what is literature and what is porn, it falls on the individual to decide. What is art for some may just be smut for others.

Here are five reasons you should quit watching porn and read erotica instead to rev up your libido:

Joining the party is better than watching the party

Reading erotica lets you imagine experiencing the moment for yourself. Best part? You get to choose just how hot your love interest is in the story and be the one who is getting lucky with the hottie. Unfortunately, when you watch porn the mystery is gone; you get what you get.

You can read in public

I repeat, YOU CAN READ IN PUBLIC! Seriously, this is major. No more complaining while waiting on your chronically late friend or in the long line at the DMV. Whether your preference is an e-reader device or your phone, you can enjoy a steamy, animalistic, wildly hot moment virtually anywhere your heart desires — day or night, over breakfast or even at the bar waiting for your date.

Erotica indulges women more than porn does

For the most part, porn caters to what turns men on; the men are usually in control of the situation, and the women are physically in shape, perfectly shaved, and at the receiving end of his fantasy.Truth is: Erotica understands women. (YES, now we’re talking!) Erotica indulges in female sexual fantasies — fantasies that position women in a more realistic light. It’s less about what she looks like, and more about what she feels, sees, touches and thinks. And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Women respond and connect on an emotional level whereas men tend to respond to straightforward visuals.

Delving deeper into characters and knowing their whole story is definitely the way to go

Erotica allows you to feel more involved with every character in the story, which stimulates your mind and your body. Porn? Just stimulates your body, which is all well and good, but you’re definitely not reminiscing last night’s porn video session on your way to work, now are you? Exactly. Stories make it last longer!

Thousands of stories with interesting setting makes reading new and exciting

Erotica opens the doors to imaginative and original settings. Maybe the story takes place on a hiking trip, or at the bar, or even in a waiting room at a doctor’s office. Whatever the setting is, know this: It’s always different and realistic. With porn, the sets and locations are generally, well, basic and low budget.