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Athlete's Foot: Symptoms and Remedies


  • Cracked and peeling- the primary signs and symptom of athlete’s foot is a scaly skin with rashes. This leads to burning sensation or tingling. However in advanced cases between the toes peeling of the skin occurs. This process is called maceration. Athlete’s foot also makes the skin dry and flaky.
  • Blisters- too much walking or running causes foot blister but pus oozes out of blisters caused by athlete’s foot. Other fluids too ooze out and they become crusty. Usually on the thick skin patches blisters form and they tend to increase the risk of bacterial infections. After the blisters erupt, lesions grow outward and on the skin they leave a clear center. Over the skin there is this classic appearance of ringworm.
  • Itching- right after you take your shoes and socks off you may feel intense itching. Overuse of ill fitting shoes usually causes foot pain such as aches and cramps. But you can consider a condition as athlete’s foot if you have burning sensation that is severe and the itching is non-stop. Since the fungi burrows into the tissue of the foot and for feeds on the superficial layer if the skin. Itching is provoked when the nerve endings become irritated and this causes burning pain.
  • Discoloured toenails- athletes foot can spread to your toenails.  The toenails become discoloured, thick and crumbly since the fungus spreads to the toenails too. The toenails may become brittle and fall off in advanced cases. They burrow deep into the skin tissue. Even in diabetes, there is burning foot pain and changes in toenail hence monitor your sugar level that it is within the normal range. Toenail infections are more difficult to treat than skin infections.
  • Unpleasant foot odor- athletes foot is caused by a fungus called tinea pedis. Usually the fungus infects the region between the toes. Commonly in people whose feet have become sweaty this fungus may thrive there. It confides within the tight fitting shoes. People with other conditions such as plantar hyperhidrosis have sweaty feet most of the time, hence their feet is wet. This creates a perfect medium for the fungus to grow causing smelly feet.

Remedies for Athelete's Foot

  • Rub on cornstarch- it absorbs the moisture from the feet. Light brown cornstarch is much better since the moisture content is already removed. Thus it can absorb water from feet better. On a pie plate sprinkle cornstarch and bake it at 325 degrees till it looks brownish. Rub it on your feet and toes. After fungus has disappeared do this remedy for several weeks to avoid the fungus from returning back.
  • Allow foot to breathe- give your feet a chance to breathe. While you are at home take your shoes off or wear canvas shoes or sandals that will allow the air to circulate through your feet.  Athlete’s foot may proliferate by wearing socks and shoes. Keep your foot as dry as possible. For athlete’s foot your feet is an ideal breeding ground. Hence throughout the day try hard to keep your feet dry.  As much as possible wear open toed shoes or sandals. On your feet use antifungal powder also sprinkle them inside your shoes in order to avoid or combat fungal infection.
  • Utilize a PVPI soak- soak a cotton ball in povidone –iodine and dab it on the infected area. In a day you can do this twice or thrice. The infected area will cure faster if you soak you foot for longer period of time. For best results on the infected area, press the cotton ball firmly. The solution should properly seep inside the skin however this will sting and pain since it is killing the pathogen inside. If the condition is severe then continue this remedy for many days till the infection does not clear up.
  • Dunk you feet in hydrogen-soak your feet in 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes 1-2 times daily. For several days you can use this solution. However over time it will become weaker hence don’t keep reusing it many times.  Also in this peroxide you can clean your foot tools.
  • Simply soap and dry- athlete’s foot can be prevented by vigilant foot hygiene. With soap and water daily wash your feet and after that thoroughly pat your foot dry.