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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that's done after a woman has received a mastectomy. Breast cancer patients often have to get their breasts removed, and this surgery replaces or rebuilds the breast.

While it is plastic surgery, it's considered reconstructive surgery instead of cosmetic surgery due to the nature. Fortunately, most of our patients look amazing afterwards, thanks to the wonderful team that we have. Breast reconstruction can also take place after any necessary chemotherapy or radiation therapy has been completed.

The surgery can be done using either breast implants or the patient's own tissue, and this decision is made by the patient with the reconstruction surgeon.

After the new breast tissue has healed and settled into place, nipple reconstruction can be performed.  Nipple reconstruction can be done using tissue from the new breast, but again, most of our patients do not require this because we usually do save the nipples.

New mastectomy procedures which allow the skin and nipple to be saved along with reconstruction surgery help to keep the appearance of the breast.

Those women who had undergone surgery as part of their breast cancer treatment may opt for the breast reconstruction surgery for rebuilding the shape as well as the look of the breast. There are numerous types of breast reconstruction. The main goal of carrying out the breast reconstruction surgery is to restore either one or both the breasts to a near normal appearance as well as shape.

It would also match the correct symmetry and the size post the procedure of either mastectomy, lumpectomy or the congenital deformities. There are multiple procedures which are involved in the breast reconstruction procedure and they are performed at various stages. It can start from either the beginning of the time of carrying out the mastectomy or this procedure can also get delayed until to a later date.

This procedure is known to follow basically two varied categories and they are the implant-based reconstruction or the flap reconstruction. The implant reconstruction is known to mainly rely on the breast implants so as to help them form a new kind of breast mound whereas the flap reconstruction is known to use the own tissues of the patient from another part of the body so as to form a completely new breast.

There are multiple factors which can be considered by the doctor before going in for the best option and those factors include: the cancer treatment which was carried out, the type of mastectomy and the body type of the patient.

If there is just one breast which has been affected, then it can be reconstructed alone however the doctor may also recommend to go in for breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction for the other breast so as to improve the symmetry the shape, position and size of both the breast.

For those individuals who had their breast removed completely and then reconstructed then there is no need for future screening mammograms to be carried out on the reconstructed breast. Currently there have been no confirmed reports to support the value of the routine mammogram carried out post a mastectomy or a reconstruction or whether the individual has gone through an implant reconstruction or a flap reconstruction.

Those individuals who have undergone double mastectomy along with reconstruction there would not be a need for mammography screenings. There are certain surgeons who may recommend a baseline mammogram post a reconstruction so as to have a basis for comparison if there are anything unusual or abnormal which tends to develop in the future. The doctor may consider to go in for the yearly or the monthly self-examinations along with imaging which can be carried out only if there is anything unusual being detected or experienced.

Those individuals who had undergone a flap reconstruction would notice a lump or hardness which is mostly a case of benign fat necrosis which is said to be the case of fat dying cells post carrying out the procedure of reconstruction. In case of implant reconstruction there would be a feeling of hardness in the breast region which can be a result of capsular contracture.