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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that's done after a woman has received a mastectomy. Breast cancer patients often have to get their breasts removed, and this surgery replaces or rebuilds the breast.

While it is plastic surgery, it's considered reconstructive surgery instead of cosmetic surgery due to the nature. Fortunately, most of our patients look amazing afterwards, thanks to the wonderful team that we have. Breast reconstruction can also take place after any necessary chemotherapy or radiation therapy has been completed.

The surgery can be done using either breast implants or the patient's own tissue, and this decision is made by the patient with the reconstruction surgeon.

After the new breast tissue has healed and settled into place, nipple reconstruction can be performed.  Nipple reconstruction can be done using tissue from the new breast, but again, most of our patients do not require this because we usually do save the nipples.

New mastectomy procedures which allow the skin and nipple to be saved along with reconstruction surgery help to keep the appearance of the breast.