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Common Spleen Problems

  • Enlarged Spleen or also known as Splenomegaly is known to be caused due to virus mononucleosis, blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma and liver disorders. But this is not always a problem. At certain times the spleen would tend to become overactive at removing of the red blood cells which is also called as hypersplenism. There are also certain conditions as well as diseases which can cause the spleen to become twice its size. Bacterial infections such as endocarditis, trauma caused due to sports injury, cysts and cancer that has spread to the spleen are few of the conditions which can also lead to enlarged spleen.
  • Spleen rupture: Spleens are also susceptible for injury or any kind of trauma. Hence if you suspect that there has been a spleen rupture then seek immediate medical attention since it can turn out to be life-threatening for the individual.This is known to mostly occur when the splenic capsule which tends to protect the organ is now broken open thereby leading to internal bleeding in the abdominal region. This rupture can occur during any injury or probably days or even weeks afterwards the injury. Few of the conditions causing rupture can be car accidents, bike accidents, domestic violence, trauma due to sports injury and colposcopy.
  • Sickle cell disease: This medical condition is an inherited medical issue and is a form of anemia. It occurs when the abnormal red blood cells tend to block the flow of blood via the vessels and it can also lead to damage to the organs which can also include damage to the spleen. Those individuals who suffer from sickle cell disease and whose spleens are damaged then they would need immunizations since they are very much prone to any kind of illness.
  • Thrombocytopenia: This is a condition which is known to cause low count of platelet. It is a condition which can also be caused by splenomegaly. When the spleen is enlarged then at times it starts to store excessive number of body’s platelets. This can in turn lead to abnormally few count of platelets which are circulating in the bloodstream where they ideally belong.
  • Accessory Spleen: There are almost ten percent of the individuals who are known to live with an additional small spleen. There are around one out of ten individuals who have that extra spleen and it is quite a benign condition that leads to no issues to the individual.
  • Infections: There are certain infections such as hepatitis, or malaria which can also cause an impact on the spleen.

When to have the spleen removed?

An individual’s spleen can be removed if he or she has been suffering from a severe form of blood disorder such as sickle cell anemia, anemia or hemolytic, and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

The immune system can be compromised or it can be weakened if someone has to undergo a spleen removal.

Treatment for spleen issues:

When someone has been identified with some issues of the spleen then they should ensure to limit all the activities which can possible further rupture the spleen such as avoid carrying out any vigorous kind of activity or sports. For those who have an enlarged spleen would not mean that it would lead to a negative condition of the spleen since by carrying about certain changes in their lifestyle they can live a normal as well as healthy life. Basically the best treatment for the spleen would involve what is the condition and also the treatment for the spleen condition does not focus on the spleen but the treatment would mostly revolve around treating the underlying condition. Few individuals may need immediate surgery in such cases.