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Coping After a Kidney Transplant

  • Be part of any support group: By taking part or enrolling oneself in a support group which consists of other individuals with similar experiences it would offer a perfect stage for the individual to share their thoughts, views as well as experiences. By doing so it would help to ease out any kind of fear as well as anxiety related to the transplantation.
  • Share your experience on the social media platform: The social media platform has become a common stage where individual come up and share what they have in mind either to seek help or to let others know what they have gone through. This social media platform has a wider reach with recipients from across the globe. There are major transplant clinics which are known to run their facebook pages that are said to help the recipient in connecting with their donors and also share out their valuable experiences.
  • Seek help in rehabilitation centers:  The rehabilitation service providers are also known to provide moral support mostly to those patients who are returning back to their work.
  • Do not rush instead set realistic goals: Bear in mind that you have just gone through a transplantation and life post the surgery would not be the same again hence it is best to sit calm and think about going in for realistic goals as well as setting expectations which can help in easing out the stress from the individual.
  • Keep yourself educated: Get information about kidney transplantation procedures and all the other information related to this. You can also question about something which you are unable to understand.
  • Share your emotions: Do not keep your emotions within yourself since it can add to the stress level and cause issues in terms of healing process. Instead speak your heart out to the dialysis caregivers and those who can deal with such kind of emotional issues which can include anxiety or stress. Feelings are always real hence they should be shared. There would be days when you and your family would face difficulty in adapting to the kidney failure but taking inspiration from others would really help since it can act as a good source of support as well as inspiration.
  • Why not go for volunteering?  Try to volunteer in programs such as those which are targeting to increase the drive for organ donation since it would help you to appreciate your condition as well.
  • Take care of your diet as well as medications: Ensure to take all your medications on time as per the ones mentioned by the doctor and also follow the recommended diet for minimizing any kind of kidney rejection issues. Speak to your doctor on which foods to avoid and which ones to consume so as to ensure that the wrong food should not cause a mess to the new organ in the body.
  • Carrying out exercises: Ensure to carry out light or low intensity exercises as mentioned by your caregiver so as to help the body in getting back to the normal routine as soon as possible. Exercising would help the individual to build up with strength as well as endurance, would prevent the onset of fatigue, reduce cases of depression as well as stress and also increase the overall quality of living. The exercise program should be planned based on the need of your body, take it slow and every step would help you recover.
  • Always remain positive: Remember you are not the first person to undergo the procedure of kidney transplantation and nor would you be the last one. Have that positive hope kindled that you would get better and life has to continue with this hope.