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Get Rid of Clogged Ears

  • Valsalva Maneuver: If this activity is performed correctly then it can help in eliminating any ear clogging as well as provide relief from ear pain.The method of carrying out this treatment is by closing your mouth and then pinch the nostrils very much closed with the fingers. Now take a deep breath. Blow the air out of the nose for regulating the air pressure. If this step is done properly then you would be able to hear a slight popping sound which would mean that the Eustachian tubes are now opening up again. Avoid to blow your nose too hard since it can lead to ear drum damage.
  • Olive oil: This oil is very much useful for a lot of medical conditions. It can help in softening as well as removing of any kind of wax build up that has led to clogging of the ear.Warm some olive oil and with the help of a dropper you can add few drops of this warm olive oil in the affected ear. Let is settle down for ten minutes so that the wax in the ear becomes soft. With the head sideways remove the oil as well as the wax.
  • Apple cider vinegar plus apple: Both of this combination is said to be very much effective in destroying any kinds of infections that can lead to clogged ears.Mix both of these ingredient in equal amount and with the help of a dropped add few drops in the affected region. Let it settle down and then gently remove the wax.
  • Warm compresses: This is also a natural form of treatment which is again helpful in treating those clogged ears which are mostly caused due to sinus congestion or cold. You can soak a washcloth in the warm water and then wring out any excess water from it. Now hold this washcloth over the affection ear region for at least five to ten minutes. This would help in soothing the pain and also promote for better fluid drainage.
  • Steam: The process of steaming is said to be extremely useful for loosening of the mucus which in turn can help to get rid of the clogged ears that have been caused due to cold.Pour some hot steaming water in a bowl and add few drops of lavender or tea tree oil to it. Now cover your head with a towel and inhale this steam gently for opening up the clogged ears.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: This method is similar to the steaming one and it is also very much effective in unclogging the ears which have been blocked due to excess of wax deposits. With the help of a dropper add two drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide in the affected region and wait for ten minutes until the fizzing sound stops. Tilt your head and let the wax drain out.
  • Warm water: Flushing your ear with warm water can also help in opening the clogged ears.Fill up a syringe with warm water, now tilt your head to one side and pull up the ear lobe for opening of the ear canal. Insert the tip of the syringe into this ear opening and squeeze the bulb of the syringe for forcing the water inside the ear canal. This would help in dislodging of the wax.
  • Yawning: Not everyone is aware that yawning basically reduces the air pressure in the ears thereby triggering the secretion of those muscles which are known to be responsible for the opening of the Eustachian tubes.
  • Salt water gargling: Gargling with warm salt water can prove to be helpful in unclogging the ears as well as provide ease in any kind of nasal congestion.
  • Chewing gum: It is not always for taste that one uses chewing gum but it can also help in treating the clogging of the ear that has been caused due to sudden kind of changes in the altitude such as while traveling in the train.