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How Do You Get Dandruff?

  • Hormonal Changes: In certain individuals, a slight change in hormones can lead to the appearance of dandruff.
  • Shampooing to rarely: When an individual does not shampoo their hair on a regular basis then also it can lead to appearance of dandruff. It has been commonly said that too much of shampooing can lead to removal of the oils from the skin of the hair but this is also true that those oils turn out to be as hotbed for dandruff. Dandruff is known to result when there is a build-up of sebum or oils present on the scalp. Hence washing the hair at regular intervals with a mild shampoo can help to keep the dandruff in check. But instead of going in for chemical loaded shampoo, try out the ones with tea tree oil since it has shown to provide significant improvement in controlling the severity of the dandruff.
  • Anxiety attack and stress: Quiet a common scenario in today’s world but it has been seen that those individuals who have high levels of stress are also known to develop dandruff at certain point in their life. Many a times, dandruff turns out to be a warning sign that you are getting stressed too much and in such case you would need to relax else it can worsen the skin condition. Stress is known to perpetuate the cycle of itch-scratch hence the more the individual scratches the more it would become itchier. In such cases it is advisable to carry out relaxation techniques in your everyday life such as carrying out yoga, going for daily walks or meditation.
  • Allergies: When an individual has allergic reaction to any particular shampoo or any hair gel then it can also lead to occurrence of dandruff. The body would identify that shampoo or any hair gel as an allergen and would lead to a response of the immune system by releasing chemicals known as histamine which can cause allergic reactions leading to dandruff.
  • Changes in the weather:  It has been seen and also well proven that cold and dry weather can also lead to sudden occurrence of dandruff in the hair. The cold winter along with overheated rooms are known to be few of the common causes of flaking as well as itchy skin. The dandruff which stems from this dry skin is known to have smaller and non-oily flakes.
  • Sweat: Those individuals who sweat excessively may have also faced issues of sudden trigger of symptoms which accompany dandruff as well.
  • Diet of the individual: An individual whose diet is not inclusive of foods containing zinc or Vitamin B is also known to be prone for getting dandruff. Our external appearance is all what we eat on a daily basis. There are certain food items which can possibly cause flare up of dandruff symptoms especially for those individuals who are prone to get dandruff. Those foods which are high in transfat as well as saturated fat leads to sebaceous glands for producing excess oil which can worsen the case of dandruff.
  • Impaired immune system: Those individuals who have an impaired immune system since they are suffering from certain medical conditions known as HIV or AIDS or they are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy can also be prone to dandruff occurrence.
  • Production of excess oil: When the skin tends to produce excess of oil then it starts to shed more of dead skin cell leading to occurrence of dandruff in the hair.
  • Skin which is dehydrated: Lack of adequate moisture can also lead to the skin becoming dehydrated leading to dry skin which in turn makes way for occurrence of dandruff.