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How Long Does a Kidney Transplant Last?

A transplanted kidney may not last forever. The lifespan of a transplanted kidney depends on from whether it was originated whether from a deceased or a living donor.Another way of looking at the lifespan is by looking at the percentage chances. One year after the operation, there is 90 percent chance of working, 70 percent chances that it may work for five years and 50 percent chance that it may work for ten years. Hence a younger patient in their life may need 2-3 transplants and they can restart the dialysis and get back to the waiting list if the transplant fails.

  • Kidney from deceased donor

It has been estimated that from a deceased donor the kidney transplanted would last for 12 years. For 10-20 years post transplant there is 50/50 chance of maintaining the function upon transplantation.  Immediately upon transplantation, 50-60 percent of the kidneys of the deceased donor are fully functional.

  • Kidney from living donor

It has been estimated that form a living donor the average lifespan of the kidney that is transplanted is 15 years. For over 20 years there is a 50 / 50 percent chance of the kidney functioning.

  • Kidney from unrelated transplant

From an unrelated transplant the average lifespan as per statistics would be two years. A patient and donor may not be related to each other. Someone close to the patient may also donate the kidney. This is a living unrelated transplant. However before this is done, HTA needs to be done which is an assessment from the government.

  • Long lasting kidney transplant

Getting a kidney transplant from a relative would ensure that the kidney would last for increased duration.

  • Who should be donor number one?

Scientific research has revealed that getting a kidney transplant from a relative, friend partner rather than from a deceased would be better. This will help prevent cases of rejection or longer lifespan of the kidney. A living related transplant is more likely to work. Since he issue type is identical, the best donor is identical twins. Howevernot all have them hence kidney from a relative friend would be sometimes suitable. However the most suitable donor is a mother, son, daughter, father,brother or sister. From a sibling, a perfectly matched kidney may lasts on an average for 35 years.

  • Dialysis role

Dialysis would help to pump out blood,clean the blood and return it back to the body. Using a machine dialysis filters and purifies blood. Hence when the kidneys do not do their job,dialysis keeps the body in balance. Dialysis prevents waste from accumulating in the blood and cause poison to it.

  • Facts on kidney transplant

Who should be receiving the kidney transplant would be determined by certain factors such as medical condition of the individual. The transplantation would be successful if the kidney is transplanted from a family member.  For medical reasons, every close relative may not be suitable.

When it is coming to lining up long post performing of a tansplantation, the people around you and their willingness to share yourexperience along with the social workers is important. Before any operation starts, to living related transplantation, both the kidney donor and the patient should have a positive attitude.

Every year according to estimates more than 22 million people die since for transplantation there is no proper availability of kidney. According to research, one in 25 may die due to long term abdominal pain. 1 in 2000 may develop kidney failure. 1 in 3000 are at the risk of dying after operating. 1 in 100 are at a risk of converting from key hole surgery to open surgery.1 in 20 may have major complications and 1 in 5 may have minor ones.