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How to Clean Your Ears

  • Make use of a damp cloth: Avoid using cotton swabs since they can tend to push the wax deeper into the ear canal hence one should use a damp soft cloth for cleaning the ears.
  • Earwax softener: You can also make use of over the counter ear drops since they are highly effective in softening out the clogged wax thereby helping it to be removed from the ear easily.
  • Use of syringe: Syringe is known to irritate the ear hence it helps to rinse out the ear canal with the help of water or a saline solution present in the syringe. Those who are of the traditional method, the ear syringing is one of the effective options to be considered. But do not try this at home, it is best to be carried by the otolaryngologist. This treatment is known to involve water being squirted into the syringe and into the ear. The tip of the syringe should be pointed at the edges of the wax and the goal should be to loosen out the large chunks of wax present inside the ear. Once the wax becomes loose, it can be removed with the help of medical tweezers.
  • Use of mineral oil: The wax present in the ear is known to contain oil hence use of mineral oil can turn out to be helpful to get rid of those accumulated wax without causing any kind of injury to the ears as well. The way this would work is that first warm the oil and it would mostly work best at the room temperature. The heat as well as the warmth of the oil can lead to softening as well as loosening of the wax thereby making it easier to get drained off by itself. Pour a few drops of warm mineral oil into the ear and cover it with a cotton ball. Now lay on your side with the covered ear facing upwards. This would allow for the oil to soften up the wax and when you turn over the wax would drain off by itself.
  • Ear Candles: There is another option known as ear candling which can help out in cleaning the ear for those individuals who are also interested in trying out any other alternative or traditional kind of therapy.This would involve, inserting one end of the hollow candle into the ear canal and then lighting up the other end of the candle. This heat would then travel down the candle thereby softening off the ear wax.

When to avoid cleaning the ears?

  • Those who are already a diabetic patient.
  • Those individuals who have an impaired immune system.
  • Those who have a hole in their eardrum

Complications caused due to ear clogging –

Those individuals who do not clean their ears properly or do not maintain proper hygiene of the ear can face certain complications such as it can lead to hearing loss and it can also develop into irritation of the ear. Hence it becomes important to seek medical attention at the earliest if you are experiencing symptoms such as fullness in the ear, there are slight muffling sound or a persistent case of ear pain. Many of them experience these symptoms mostly in one ear because it becomes unlikely that both the ears would be blocked at the same time. For those individuals who experience these symptoms in both their ears then they should reach out to the doctor for medical help. The doctor would diagnose the symptoms and use a lighted instrument known as otoscope to look into the ear and check if  wax is the cause of the symptoms.