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Is Oral Cancer Painful?

  • There is a consistent pain in the mouth: The onset of oral cancer is also associated with chronic condition of pain or a certain discomfort in the mouth. The pain which is linked with oral cancer is known to have a devastating effect on the individual.
  • Existence of ulcers which do not show any signs of healing: There is occurrence of painful ulcers which does not show signs of healing. It can also indicate oral cancer. There are mostly80 out of 100 people suffering from mouth cancer and show this as their common symptom.
  • Existence of red and white patches: The existence of oral cancer is known to trigger an abnormal patch to be present in the mouth which can turn out to be quiet painful. The white patches are called as leukoplakia and the red patches are called as erythroplakia. These patches are mostly not cancerous but if they are not taken note of and treated on a timely manner then it can lead to cancer issues. But not all patches can be termed as cancerous since there is fungal infection known as thrush present in the mouth and can lead to red or white patches. These white patches of thrush are mostly known to just rub off leaving behind a sore red patch beneath.
  • Unable to swallow: Due to oral cancer it can also trigger an extreme burning or pain sensation when the individual tries to chew or swallow food. In certain cases, the individual feels that the food is sticking on the throat while chewing it. Finding it difficult to swallow can also be linked with a harmless narrowing of the food pipe or oesophagus.
  • Existence of lump in the neck: There can be swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck region and it is known to be mostly caused by oral or oropharyngeal cancer. These swellings can be extremely painful.  When there is swelling in one or more of the lymph nodes present in the neck then it is termed as a common symptom of oral cancer. When there is a hot and red painful lump then it can be a sign of infection instead of cancer. In case if there are lumps which come and go then they cannot be termed as cancer.
  • Drop in the weight: Due to the advanced oral cancer stage, the individual may tend to eat less than they usually did because they would find it difficult to swallow food or there is consistent pain in the mouth.When the individual faces extreme case of weight loss then it is associated with advanced stage of oral cancer.
  • Bad breath: This is also termed as halitosis and for those who suffer from oral cancer, the bad breath can worsen and occur very much frequently due to this medical condition.
  • Speech issues: Oral cancer is also known to have an effect on the voice making of the individual wherein it can make the voice either too quieter or husky. The individual’s voice may sound a bit different in certain cases it can sound as if he or she has cold all the while. At times the individual can slur few of the words or they may have trouble in pronouncing certain words.
  • Unusual case of bleeding or feeling numbness: Oral cancer is also known to cause unusual bleeding in the mouth thereby leading the individual to a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Finding it difficult to move the jaw: Due to oral cancer, the individual may find it difficult to move the affected jaw region since it may turn out to be quiet painful for the individual.