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Natural Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Increase the intake of fibre: One of the best methods to get relief from IBS is to bring about gradual increase in the intake of fibre over a period of time. Few of the foods which are known to contain fibre would include fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and beans.  Fibre is known to help in easing the IBS symptoms which can also include constipation but in certain cases it can worsen them as well leading to cramps or gas. But it is still recommended to go in for high fibre foods. If it is taken for a period of several weeks, then it can mostly help to provide relief.

Avoiding foods which can be a possible trigger: Avoid the intake of foods which may tend to aggravate the symptoms of IBS such as chocolates, alcohol or caffeinated food items. Few of the other common problematic food items are cabbage, beans, dairy items, broccoli, and soda. Apart from the foods to avoid, one should also ensure to consume those foods which are helpful for IBS such as probiotics food or bacteria which can help in the digestive system.

Ensure to eat at regular intervals throughout the day: It is never a good idea to skip meals since that can lead to certain other medical conditions hence one must ensure to have meals at the same time on a daily basis so as to facilitate the normal functioning of the bowels.

Fluid intake is a must:  For those who are suffering from IBS have to ensure that they are drinking plenty of fluids on a daily basis. Fluid should be mostly water but at certain times you can opt for fresh fruit juices avoiding those which can worsen the symptoms.

Exercising is a must: Carrying out certain physical activity is said to providing relief from stress since it may tend to stimulate the normal contractions of the intestines thereby making them feel better and providing relief from symptoms. For most of the individuals, exercise is seen as tried and tested method to provide relief from stress, anxiety as well as depression mostly when it is done on a consistent basis. Anything which helps in providing relief from stress would ultimately help with a smooth functioning of the bowel movement and also remove the discomfort by stimulating the regular contractions of the intestine. For those who are not used to exercising should initially start it slow with walks and can then pave their way up. It is mostly recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day and this can be done for five days in a week for added benefit.

Keep a watch on your dairy products: For those individuals who are lactose intolerant should try to replace yogurt with milk or they can also incorporate any enzyme product for assisting on the breakdown of lactose. In certain cases, the doctor can completely ask you to stop dairy items in such case one has to ensure to get their daily dose of calcium and protein from any other source. Your dietician can help in such cases.

Bear caution while using anti-diarrheal medicines: For those who would be using over the counter anti-diarrheal laxatives should do so by using the lowest possible dose so as to avoid any issue. There are certain medications which have to be taken 20 to 30 minutes prior to eating so as to help in preventing those IBS symptoms. Ensure to follow the directions mentioned on the package so as to avoid any problems.

Limit to smaller meals: Try to eat at regular intervals and smaller amounts instead of gorging on one or two larger meals every day. Since eating too much food all at once can tend to over stimulate the digestive system.

Drink herbal tea: You can drink one or two cups of peppermint tea every day for relaxing your intestines. It would help to provide relief from gas and also reduce the spasms.

Eat yogurt: Individuals suffering from IBS related diarrhea should go in for consuming plenty of yogurt since it is known to contain active bacteria such as acidophilus. These live bacteria help to provide relief from pain in the abdomen as well as any other IBS symptoms.