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Osteoporosis: Everything You Need to Know

Osteoporosis is known to result in reduced mass of the bones. It can be caused due to hormonal changes, deficiency in Vitamin D or calcium. By carrying out simple movements such as coughing or even bending over can tend to excite the symptoms in the individual. Osteoporosis is known to prevent the healthy bones from creating which is a must for the formation of a healthy body. This inability of the body in creating new bone tissues would prevent the body from keeping up on the removal of the old bones. Osteoporosis is known to cause the bone to become brittle and weak. It can turn out to be so brittle than even a mild form of stress such as bending over can lead to occurrence of fracture.

Many a times the osteoporosis related fracture are said to occur commonly in the areas of the hip, spine or the wrist. Bone is considered to be a living tissue which tends to constantly get broken down as well as replaced. Osteoporosis is known to occur when the creation of this new bone does not keep up with the old bone removal.

This condition is said to affect men as well as women of various races but this has been commonly seen in white and Asian women who are post menopause since they are considered to be at a highest risk. But by carrying out certain preventive steps such as going on a healthy diet, use of proper medications and carrying out weight bearing exercises would all help to strengthen the weak bones and prevent the loss of bones.

Women who are in their post-menopausal stage are known to be at high risk but identifying the symptoms of osteoporosis would also be very much difficult. Many a times the symptoms may not arise until there is introduction of a catalyst. Whether it is a fracture of the bones or even simple as a pain in the bone can tend to eliminate or reduce the severity of this condition.

The age, lifestyle, any medical condition and treatments are all possible risk factors for the occurrence of osteoporosis. Those individuals who get older are at an increased risk of osteoporosis. If you are of an Asian or white descent, then the chances of getting this condition can also increase. It is said that having a parent or a sibling suffering from this condition can also increase the risk mostly in case if the mother or the father has encountered a hip fracture.

Osteoporosis is also seen as a common occurrence in those individuals who are said to have too little or too much of certain kind of hormones. Increase of thyroid hormone is also known to lead to loss of bone. This is mostly said to occur when the thyroid is overactive or if one takes too much of the thyroid medications for treating an underactive thyroid gland. This medical condition is also known to be linked with an overactive parathyroid as well as adrenal glands.

By identifying the types of condition that would that can reduce or eliminate the chances of a bone fracture would include high levels of selenium calcium or alkaline phosphonate during a blood test, joint or muscle aches, difficulty in getting up from a lying down position without the help of the arms. These kinds of early diagnosis or identification can help in preventing and aid in better managing of these symptoms to reduce the changes of osteoporosis.

Few of the symptoms of osteoporosis can include, pain in the back which can be caused due to vertebra which has collapsed or fractured, posture which has been stooped, over time there is loss of height and the bone fracture which tends to occur quite commonly. Hence it becomes important to speak to the doctor if you have undergone an early menopause or have been taking corticosteroids for several months at a time. It can also help if either of the parents are known to have been suffered from hip fractures.

By taking in a healthy diet and carrying our regular exercise one can ensure to keep the bones healthy throughout their life. Ensure to also include proteins, vitamin D and calcium as part of your diet.