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The Relationship Between Asperger's and Autism

Characteristics: The factor which is known to differentiate between Autism and Asperger is the mild symptoms as well as the non-existence of the delay in languages present in Asperger. The symptoms in case of autism are delay in speech or learning disability, not being aware of other’s emotions are being depressed, lack of eye contact and trying to harm self.

Diagnosis: The diagnosis of autism is known to be quiet straight forward whereas in case of Asperger the diagnosis is a bit challenging due to which it can also be identified at the later stages of the disease. Each case of Asperger seems to be different. Many a times kids suffering from Asperger tend to survive their childhood without ever getting diagnosed or getting treated for that condition.

Speech & Social Skills: Those children who suffer from autism often tend to experience delays in development of self hence they may start to speak a bit late or they can also end up not speaking at all. In case of Asperger there is no such issue of speech since they start to speak just within the expected range of age but they do suffer from communicating properly or having those social skills. Autistic children are more into their own world and not much aware of what is happening in the social world but in case of a child with Asperger’s syndrome they may suffer from depression since they are more aware of what they are not able to achieve socially.

Intelligence: Those children who suffer from Asperger’s are often brilliant than autistic children. But at times there are also children with average or above average IQ. There are few cases of kids who are exceptionally brilliant in their field but again the numbers of such children are quiet rare. Autistic children on the other hand have a below average level of IQ.

Stimulant medication: Autism can worsen with the use of stimulant medication but in case of Asperger the condition can improve with the use of stimulant medication. Stimulants are not much active   after the medicine has worn off on any of the day hence there is a need for a rapid adjustment in case if the medicine does not work as it is supposed to.

Cognitive Skills: Those who suffer from Asperger’s disorder do not suffer from any severe case of delay in their cognitive skills but this can be seen in those suffering from autism. The cognitive skills in autistic children may vary among children. Autism children have an intense interest in a few number of things or they may have trouble in paying attention to certain things. Asperger kid has troubles with nightmares, has a tendency to stay depressed and is very much sensitive to sound.

Motor Skills: Asperger’s syndrome children have a slow acquisition in terms of various motor skills which can also include dressing up by themselves, trying to tie their show lace or use knives, fork or even pencil. Such children display poor motor skills and are also clumsy. In case of autistic children, they also suffer from movement difficulties.

Behavioral: Those who suffer from Autism or Asperger’s syndrome tend to have troubles in the behavioral settings. Asperger’s children tend to be aggressive, are always fidgety, impulse nature, carry out repetitive movements, very much persistent in repetition of words as well as actions. They also get angry easily.

Treatment: The treatment in both the cases is quiet similar. The treatment would mostly involve behavior modification as well as therapy and at times there would be certain medications being prescribed. One of the best treatment method is use of applied behavior analysis.