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Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Frequent urination: An increase in the level of glucose can trigger the case of excessive delivery of fluids into the kidney thereby leading to frequent urination in the person. Drinking excess of water then results in urinating more often. This in turn leads the individual to take up more fluids which compounds the whole issue. The body can also try to remove the excess form of sugar through its urination.
  • Increase in thirst: Diabetes often leads to an increase in thirst in the individual since the individual has to urinate frequently which in turn causes dehydration in the body. It is like you just had a glass of water but you still feel that you need more of it to quench your thirst. This happens because the muscles as well as the other tissues tend to get dehydrated. When the body’s blood sugar levels rise the body tries to pull the fluid from the other tissues and it dilutes the sugar in the bloodstream. This process in turn leads to dehydration and prompts the individual to consume more water.
  • Fatigue or tiredness: Individuals suffering from diabetes often get tired and feel weak and the reason for the same is because the body is not able to absorb sugar as it used to normally. Sugar is known to be one of the main source of energy in the body. For those individuals who are suffering from diabetes the body is unable to convert the sugar into the energy needed by the body thereby leading to cases of fatigue. This can lead to cases of extreme exhaustion to a general form of worn down.
  • Blurry vision: High levels of glucose can lead to triggering of the inflammation of the lens of the eye thereby leading it to become swollen and blurry vision. Blood sugar levels abnormally high can cause blurry vision. This happens due to the fluid which can shift into the eye duct. Mostly this resolves once he blood sugar is normal but this may not be the same for diabetic retinopathy.
  • Recurring case of infections: Excess of glucose in the body tends to slow down the body’s healing process hence injuries caused to the individual often take longer duration for healing or even they tend to become infected. Those with type II diabetes, the body would have a hard time to fight off the infection since the bacteria can stay when the blood sugar levels are too high in the body. Women mostly experience vaginal infections or bladder infections.
  • Feeling very hungry: Those suffering from diabetes may also start to feel very hungry. Even after consuming something, you may still feel hungry. The reason is because the body tissues are not getting enough of the energy from the food you have consumed. If the body is resistant to insulin or if the body does not produce enough of insulin, then the sugar levels form the food would be unable to enter the tissues for providing them with enough of energy. This can lead to the muscles as well as the other tissues to raise the flag of hunger.
  • Infections of the skin: Due to diabetes there can be occurrence of darker skin blotches in certain parts of the body.
  • Itching sensation: Individuals with diabetes start to feel severe form of itching around their vagina or penis or there can be regular episodes of thrush formation.
  • Weight loss: There would be sudden loss of weight which is also a clear sign of diabetes. It can be either Type I or Type II which can lead to unexplained sudden weight loss. An individual may tend to eat normally and also feel hungry constantly but still they would continue to lose weight. This is mostly seen in case of Type I diabetes. If the body is not getting enough of the energy from the foods that one consumes, then it would break down other sources of energy which are present in the body. This can also include proteins, fats which are stored in the body. When such a thing occurs it leads to cases of weight loss.
  • Not feeling well: For those individuals who complain of not feeling well should consult their doctor and get a confident diabetes diagnoses being carried out.