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Symptoms of an Enlarged Spleen

Spleen is known to be an organ that is situated just below the left rib cage. There are a lot of medical condition which can lead to enlarged spleen. Those conditions would include infections, liver related disorder and certain type of cancers. Enlarged spleen is also known as Splenomegaly. There are mostly no symptoms experienced by the individual who is suffering from an enlarged spleen and most of the times it gets discovered in a routine kind of physical examination. The doctor would be able to not feel a normal sized spleen in case of adults but they can surely feel the enlarged spleen. The doctor would ask you to carry out imaging tests and blood tests for verifying the cause. The treatment of enlarged spleen would mostly focus on what has been causing this condition in the individual. Many a times surgical method of removal of the enlarged spleen is not always considered to be the first line of treatment but at times it is recommended based on the condition and its severity.

  • Ingestion issues: There would be an uneasy or discomforting feeling after consuming a heavy meal.
  • Occurrence of pain and tenderness: Enlargement of spleen can lead to occurrence of pain as well as tenderness mostly on the abdomen’s upper left region.
  • Cases of fatigue: Issues concerning spleen is also followed by dip in the energy levels which after some time can turn out to be chronic conditions.
  • Jaundice like symptoms: Those who suffer from certain spleen issues can also experience symptoms pertaining to jaundice such as yellowing of the skin or the eyes.
  • Loss of weight: The individual also experiences unexplained loss of weight if the spleen issue is not treated on time.
  • Pooling symptoms: Trouble with spleen is also likely to cause pooling issues in the spleen. This can occur mostly in those individuals who are suffering from sickle cell anemia.
  • Bleeding: Another symptom of enlarged spleen is bleeding.
  • Finding it difficult to breath: The individual may experience sharp kind of pain while taking deep breathing and also while moving around in case if they have a trouble spleen.
  • Radiating kind of pain: The individual can also experience pain which may radiate from the abdomen towards the shoulder.
  • Frequent instances of infection: If the individual is suffering from enlarged spleen then there can be recurrent bouts of infections occurring to the individual.

The individual may also experience a certain kind of feeling of fullness after eating just small amount of food and the reason for the same is because the spleen becomes so enlarged to the point that it starts to press on the stomach thereby leading to fullness feeling. In case if the spleen starts to press itself on other organs of the body then it can also cause an effect on the blood flowing to the spleen which in turn can lead to the spleen not able to filter out the blood properly internally. In case if the spleen becomes too big then it can start to remove the too many of the red blood cells from the blood. Lack of red blood cells in the body can also lead to a condition known as anemia. In case if the spleen is not able to create enough of white blood cells due to its enlargement then the individual can experience recurring cases of infections.

Hence if any of the individual experiences the above mentioned symptoms pertaining to an enlarged spleen then it is advisable to reach out to the doctor. For those individuals who have experienced pain in the upper left region of their abdomen which tends to become severe or if this pain worsens while you are breathing then let the doctor know of the same as soon as possible.