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The Benefits of Acupuncture

Benefits sleep and insomnia issues: Acupuncture is known to be a strong therapy which can trigger to produce neurotransmitters that have been commonly associated with providing relaxation and sound sleep. This in turn is known to help in insomnia patients for sleeping better. In one of the analysis it was found out that those patients who were taking medicines or using herbal treatment options for helping them with sleep issues had also added acupuncture technique to the list of their treatments and it turned out to be useful for them instead of those medicines. Also one of the other benefit associated with acupuncture is that unlike the medications which have their own side effects, acupuncture has proven to not have any side effects.

Helps in weight loss: For those obese adult’s acupuncture has been proven to benefit them by helping them to shed those extra kilos which can be about nine pounds in a span of two weeks to at least four months’ time.

Menopause issues: Use of this acupuncture therapy has been known to ease down the frequency as well as the severity of the hot flashes occurrence mostly in the elderly women. Those women who are above 45 years old and currently going through the menopause stages.

Brings about changes in mood: When acupuncture is combined along with multiple counselling sessions then it is known to help in treating signs of depression since it is mostly known to regulate the neurotransmitters present in the brain which are basically associated with happiness and relaxation.

Throat: A couple of sessions of acupuncture would help in treating the cases of acid reflux condition and also provide a soothing feeling to the heartburn issue. This can be done by regulating the secretion of acids present in the body which is known to speed up the process of digestion in the individual.

Helps to boost the immune system: If the technique of acupuncture is used well then the needles are known to bring about significant amount of boost to the activity of the immune cells of the body. They are basically known to be responsible for searching out and eliminating the infections from the body.

Provides improvement in chronic pain conditions: As per certain research it has been seen that regular use of acupuncture has proven to be highly effective in bringing about a lot of improvement in the chronic pain related to back pain or neck pain. Many a times such kind of chronic pain are not treated well with the regular use of medicines.

Helps in recovery from cancer and chemotherapy: Cancer is a disease which can lead to a lot of havoc in the life of the individual. But the individual should not get dejected and instead should go in for the acupuncture technique. It would help in boosting the immunity which again is known to speed up the process of recovery post the treatment of cancer.

Very useful during pregnancy, labor and postpartum health conditions: The period of pregnancy, delivery and post labor are not an easy task and it can be quite difficult to deal with for an individual. Hence certain doctors recommend the patient to go in for acupuncture therapy sessions as a part of the natural treatment option. These sessions are known to help in reducing the stress, help in reducing the pain and anxiety attacks and also bring about a balance in the important hormones of the body.

It has been mostly considered to be one of the safest method for many of the common symptoms which an individual experience during the pregnancy period. Acupuncture helps in easing the physical as well as emotional strain on the body. Also once the baby is born it helps in fighting and keeping off symptoms such as depression, or any other mood related changes that is also associated with postpartum depression.  Ensure that you get it done from a trained acupuncturist since there are certain points which have to be avoided during pregnancy.

Helpful in treating fertility issues as well as the erectile dysfunction: there have been research which shows that use of acupuncture therapy can prove to be very much effective in triggering the release and production of the sex related hormones.