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Tips on Living with Alzheimer's

  • Schedule wisely: Living with Alzheimer’s is not an easy task hence try to formulate or bring about a consistent routine so as to make the daily tasks look less confusing as well as less agitating. You can make a daily plan for keeping track of those few tasks which can be accomplished every day. By maintaining a schedule, it would help to reduce the time which is normally spent in figuring out what has to be done and when. Hence the schedule make you feel more successful in reaching out to your goals as well as limits the mistakes.
  • Ensure that the patient is involved: Dot not carry out all of their tasks, it is a must to allow the patient as well to carry out several tasks throughout the day. Those tasks which are a bit simple and also let them do it with minimal assistance from any one so that it can help to boost their creativity. When the patient is allowed to carry out certain tasks on their own then it also helps them to be more confident and keeps them active instead of making them feel lethargic.
  • Take your own time: The patient suffering from Alzheimer’s should be given their own time of taking regular breaks as and when they need it. There can also be scheduling of enough time for tasks so as to avoid any kind of hurry for them. The Alzheimer’s disease can get really tough on your loved ones and make it harder for them to improve their skills or to remember any directions whether it is their own house. Hence there is a need for adjustments on how much the patient can carry out and which of the tasks they cannot carry out. One of the examples would be, If your father has been reminded time and again to not drink milk from the container directly then instead you can buy them their own container with their name engraved on it so that they can use it.
  • Provide them choices: It is better to go in for fewer choices but it is important to provide the Alzheimer’s patient some options on a daily basis.
  • Provide simple form of instructions: Those who suffer from this condition are known to understand better on clear as well as a one-step form of communication.
  • Make the distractions minimal: While having conversations or taking meals try to switch off the television or reduce distractions of other forms. This would make it easier for the Alzheimer’s patient to focus on that one task.  When there are two things going on at the same time then they find it difficult to understand what has to be carried out at that moment has may jumble up things hence focus is the key out here.
  • Try to stay flexible: It becomes important to stay flexible and also adapt to a daily routine as well as expectations which are required.
  • Go for smaller groups: Those suffering from Alzheimer’s may get flustered upon seeing a large group of people or crowd as well as too much of sound. Hence try to gather in small groups for avoiding any such incidences. Instead of visiting a busy mall you can go in for visiting a small store or go to stores when they would not be too much busy with people.
  • Try to identify things which they love to carry out: When it comes to spending quality time on any kind of activity or hobby which may be familiar for them then it can make the patient feel very much productive as well as extremely happy. As far as they can carry out the tasks in a safe manner it would be a great idea to let them carry out what they love to do. There may be a need for taking a different approach when it comes to a favourite activity or for carrying out things together. Example would be, an individual who may have started to get confused on all the settings present on the washing machine may be able to carry out the tasks of taking the towels out of the dryer and folding them neatly.