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What is the Zika Virus?

Zika Virus Definition:

Zika virus is basically a viral form of infection which is known to be mostly triggered due to the flu like virus known to be zika.


The zika virus medical condition is known to be caused due to a certain kind of virus which is transmitted by the aedes mosquitoes. Aedes is known to be the most active during the day time hence the mosquito nets tend to remain less effective for them. They can survive both indoors as well as in the outdoor environments. Multiple species of aedes are known to transmit the zika virus but the main out of them is the aedes albopictus which is also known as the Asian tiger mosquito.


Few of the most common symptoms an individual suffering from zika would experience are constant case of headache, pain in the muscles or the joints, malaise, rashes present on the skin, fever, and conjunctivitis. Zika is also known to be a symptomless condition since the symptoms tend to be mild and vague wherein they can last for a week’s time. Infection caused due to zika is known to be rarely severe and it is also much rare for the individual to die due to this virus. But it can be complicated when the individual is pregnant and contracts this virus.


During pregnancy the zika virus is known to lead to congenital brain issues in the new-born child and also include other complications such as microcephaly or the Guillian Barre syndrome. In case of microcephaly the brain and the head of the new-born child is known to be smaller in size than the usual one. The Guillian Barre syndrome is known to be one of the rare forms of autoimmune condition that can affect the central nervous system of the individual.

Transmission of the virus:

The zika virus is known to be mostly transmitted through the bites of the infected aedes mosquitoes. Few of the other possible mode of transmission would include blood transfusion or sexual transmission.


The doctor can confirm the existence of zika virus by carrying out a laboratory tests on the urine, saliva, blood or semen.


Zika virus infection are mostly mild and may not need any kind of specific treatment. But it is also important that the individual suffering from this virus should get ample amount of rest, ensure to keep themselves hydrated as well as get relief from pain or fever by going in for certain over the counter medications. It has been advisable to not make use of aspirin or any other form of NSAID’s until the doctor rules out the possibility of having dengue else the individual would be at risk of a haemorrhage. It is also advised to pregnant women who are diagnosed with zika to go in for monitoring the fetal growth as well as the anatomy program in every three to four weeks’ period. It is also recommended to visit the doctor who is mostly specialised in pregnancy management as well as any other infectious disease.

For those whose symptoms tend to worsen should ensure to immediately seek medical attention as well as advice from the doctor.

Risk Factors:

Those individuals who are travelling to locations wherein the Aedes mosquitoes can spread the zika virus to others are mostly known to be at a greater risk of getting themselves infected as well.  Till date there have not been any cases of known transmissions of this virus from the mother to her nursing child. Once the person has had this virus then they are known to be protected from it in the future.


It is always better to ensure that one is protected rather than going through the whole pain process and then treatment. Protecting oneself from the aedes mosquito itself is one of the best prevention method from the zika virus. This can be carried out by always making use of the mosquito anti-repellent, ensuring to close the windows and the doors as well as to always wear protective clothing. Currently there are no vaccinations to protect an individual from zika virus but avoiding the mosquito is the main part. Insect repellents are known to be most effective when they are applied after the application of sunscreen, under clothing or onto the clothes as well as the body.