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Why Do Women Need Hysterectomies?

  • Instances of heavy period: For those suffering from heavy menstrual cycle can go in for this surgical route. Hysterectomy is known to be a surgical method which is said to remove completely the womb of the woman which can help in stopping the persistent case of heavy bleeding during periods. Apart from hysterectomy, the other methods used for treating cases of heavy periods or bleeding are use of medications, carrying out exercises on a daily basis, use of birth control pills or IUD and a procedure known as endometrial ablation.
  • PID or pelvic inflammation disease: Hysterectomy can turn out to be the only option out here for individuals suffering from PID. Pelvic inflammation disease is basically considered as a bacterial infection which is known to affect as well as damage the reproductive system which is the fallopian tubes and the uterus leading to infertility in several women.
  • Endometriosis: The doctor can look to perform a hysterectomy procedure for removing parts of the endometrial tissues which is known to be the womb cells in other parts of the body such as the ovaries, gall bladder or the fallopian tubes. Endometriosis is seen as common and need not be treated with hysterectomy, few of the treatment options would include endoscopic surgery and use of combined hormonal contraception.
  • Fibroids: When suffering from fibroids, the doctor can recommend a hysterectomy procedure in a woman suffering from severe case of bleeding or in case of larger fibroids which are the non-cancerous tumours which are known to mostly grow in the womb. Many of the women would not show any signs of fibroids whereas in certain cases women suffer from pain, bowel pressure and instances of heavy bleeding. There is not yet a known cause of fibroids but it is said that female hormones play a role here hence the condition tends to get better post the menopause phase.
  • Adenomyosis: With the help of hysterectomy it can treat the adeonomyosis which is known to be a condition wherein the uterus tissue lining starts to grow inside the muscular wall of the womb thereby leading to painful cases of periods. Apart from hysterectomy, doctors can also suggest certain medicines or birth control pills for controlling the bleeding. The symptoms would mostly disappear post the menopause phase. Adenomyosis is mostly difficult for treating and women suffering from this condition often go in for hysterectomy as the option if they are not worried about fertility.
  • Prolapse of the womb: Hysterectomy is said to be very much effective in treating the signs as well as the symptoms of prolapse which is basically considered to be a condition that develops when the tissues as well as the ligaments which support the uterus tend to become weak. The uterine prolapse are known to occur when the pelvic floor muscles as well as the supportive tissues tend to become weak and the bladder or the rectum starts to sag along with the weight of the uterus. This is quite a discomfort causing issue and it leads to a pulling sensation in the individual.
  • Cancer: In case if the ovarian or the cervical cancer of the woman has spread to the uterus and it has become chronic then the doctor can recommend to go in for hysterectomy since they would not have any other option for treating it.
  • Post-partum haemorrhage: Hysterectomy can turn out to be a life saver for those women who tend to bleed continuously during the period of childbirth.
  • Post-menopausal bleeding: A woman who is experiencing post-menopausal bleeding can also be referred to go in for endometrial biopsy in case if after conducting the vaginal ultrasound it has indicated that endometrial thickness is beyond repair.
  • Any kind of medical emergencies: There can be any kind of medical emergencies such as rupture or puncture of the womb or uterus while carrying out a surgery hence in such cases there would be a need for hysterectomy.

It is suggested that a woman should question with the doctor for any other options before they go in for the procedure of hysterectomy and are also considering of conceiving since hysterectomy is known to be a permanent procedure which cannot be reversed and once it is done then you cannot conceive.