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Why Do You Sneeze Constantly?

Sneezing is identified as the way of the body to remove the irritants from the nose or from the throat. It is basically a powerful and an involuntary expulsion of air. It is known to occur all of a sudden without any warning sign. Another name identified for sneezing is called as sternutation. Many a times this symptom can turn out to be quiet annoying but it would not be a result of any serious kind of health issu

  • Allergies: These are quiet a common reason behind those persistent case of sneezing. It would mostly occur when the individual is suffering from the allergic rhinitis which can lead to constant case of sneezing. Pollen is one of the common allergen which is known to cause seasonal allergic rhinitis. The symptoms mostly tend to occur with the changes caused in the season. Apart from sneezing, few of the other symptoms experienced by the individual are runny nose, watery eyes, stuffy nose and hives.
  • Infections: When someone is suffering from respiratory tract infection then the individual may also experience sneezing as one of the symptom. It is known to mostly affect those individuals  who have a weak immune system.Infections can be caused by viruses which can include flu and common cold. There are around 200 various types of viruses that are said to cause common cold in an individual. Most of the colds are caused due to rhinovirus.
  • Irritants: Certain irritants can also lead to sneezing in few individuals. Few of those common triggers would include dusts, flowers, smoke of cigarette, dryness in the weather, perfumes, spicy food and certain environmental pollution. Prolong exposure to irritants can lead to lasting health impact in the individual. The triggers causing sneezing are categorized as non-allergitic as well as non-infectious ones. Those can be either airborne, ingested or even systemic.
  • Medications: There are drugs which can cause sneezing effect in few individuals. Few of those drugs would include decongestants, sedatives, contraceptives, and beta-blockers. They are termed as drug-induced rhinitis. Chronic case of sneezing which is caused due to nasal decongestants is mostly due to the rebound of the rhinitis which gets triggered by an overuse of these kinds of medications.
  • Neurological issues: There are certain neurological issues which can also lead to persistent case of sneezing.Those neurological cases that can have an effect on the trigeminal nerve which is also known as the largest cranial nerve or it is the sneeze center in the medulla can also lead to chronic conditions of sneezing.
  • Growths: Nasal polyps are known to tiny, tear-drop kind of shape an overgrowth which are formed inside the sinuses as well as nasal passages. These overgrowths cannot be termed as cancerous but they are known to be linked strongly with chronic condition of sneezing.
  • Cocaine snorting: Sniffing of cocaine through the nose can also lead to severe case of damage to the individual’s nasal passage thereby leading to constant case of sneezing.
  • Swimming: Those individuals who spend a lot of time swimming in chlorinated waters are also known to be very much prone to constant case of sneezing. The chlorine present in the water tends to cause irritation to the nasal passage leading to sneezing.
  • Sniffing of tobacco: Constant case of sniffing of pulverized or ground tobacco is known to cause functional changes in the nasal mucosa thereby leading to constant case of sneezing.
  • Dryness in the air: One of the other possible causes of chronic case of sneezing is due to the dryness in the air. The reason for the same Is due to too much of dry air             leading to sneeze.