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The Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

The Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is becoming an increasingly prominent player in the healthcare industry for clinical examination. Ultrasound machines offer the opportunity to engage in patient diagnosis and provide recommended courses of treatment. However, as today’s technological market is continuously growing, the use of portable ultrasound machines is becoming of great value. These machines allow healthcare professionals, such as you, to provide a diagnosis in a timely manner and increase efficiency of patient consultations. Providing quality care leads to an increase in patient satisfaction and, most importantly, better patient outcomes.

What’s more, portable ultrasound machines are being adapted in order to meet business demands, such as quality imaging, functionality, and portability. Believe it or not, these machines offer great benefits, including eliminating the stress of patients having to wait for hours to receive a check-up or having them constantly move from room to room where equipment is available. By extending patient appointments, you will have more time to see prospective patients, thus allowing your medical practice to thrive.

Nowadays, even most gynecologists use portable ultrasound machines to ensure quality care and safety for expectant mothers. It’s safe, radiation-free, and provides immediate information. The remarkable advantages of these machines can help you make better decisions, focus on providing proper treatment, and save time. In fact, portable ultrasound machines have risen in their potential to become the standard of care for most hospitals and medical practices.

If you are looking to buy the best portable ultrasound machines, you must be willing to wade into a competitive market. Since these machines have become a great innovative solution, many healthcare professionals and consumers are aware of their managerial and clinical standards. In comparison to the costlier large ultrasound machines, portable ultrasound machines are quite small and compact. They provide great convenience for both you and your patients. Below, you will discover a few more ways in which a portable ultrasound machine can provide benefits to your medical practice, both large and small:

  1. Beneficial and instant diagnosis
    As the number of patients who walk into hospital grounds increases, the responsibilities of healthcare professionals grow as well. Standard ultrasound machines take up so much space that doctors are forced to take each patient into a separate room for proper diagnosis. Moreover, in serious medical environments, such as the emergency room (ER) and intensive care unit (ICU), patients are incredibly vulnerable to being taken from one room to another for further diagnosis. With a portable ultrasound machine, patients do not have to wait for an available room; you can take the equipment to them and give them the proper medical examination they require. In emergency situations, having a portable ultrasound machine can come in handy in diagnosing a patient on short notice. The bottom line is time is of the essence for both you and your patients. With portability, you will be able to provide your patients with answers in a timely manner, ensure their well-being, and see even more patients on a daily basis. 
  2. Proper diagnosis 
    A portable ultrasound machine has the ability to ensure proper diagnosis the first time around. Often times, medical facilities become overcrowded or too busy. Such chaos can lead to giving a diagnosis without an ultrasound, which in turn leads to false interpretations. Especially in situations that deal with vital organs like the heart and lungs, such decisions can be fatal for a patient. With a portable ultrasound machine, you can review images, check for abnormalities, and perform an in-depth assessment of your patient’s medical condition. Furthermore, the assessment will depict the type of treatment your patient may require and eliminate any incorrect readings or misdiagnoses.
  3. Lower and affordable cost for diagnosis
    Buying a standard ultrasound machine can be very costly, ranging from $20,000 to $75,000, at best. For this reason, they are not always available at every medical facility. However, with the increasing number of patient demands, providing quality healthcare is a must, and that requires having high-quality medical equipment. Medical facilities have no choice but to raise costs, which in turn reflects on your patients’ medical bills. By substituting standard ultrasound machines for portable ones, you can greatly save on clinical costs, make treatment plans affordable, and improve overall patient experience. 
  4. Real-time imaging and patient involvement
    One of the greatest benefits of having a portable ultrasound machine is it can help you openly discuss both diagnosis and treatment with your patients. For instance, if your patient is suffering from a heart condition, it is only natural they come to you for treatment recommendations. However, medical conditions are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. If your patient cannot see it for themselves, they might go into denial, or even avoid the prescribed treatment. Yet, with the help of a portable ultrasound machine and the ability to view a normal individual’s heart function right beside theirs, they will understand their medical condition a little better. If your patient is willing to accept their need for an ultrasound, they will likely become more involved in their entire treatment process. Their diagnosis will become clearer to them and they are likely to follow any guidelines you give them to treat their condition. Real-time imaging that would otherwise be a complex process to follow has now become transparent, easily accessible, and gets patients involved in their well-being.
  5. Advanced diagnostic training
    The use of portable ultrasound machines has introduced medical students and trainees to new and exciting advancements in the healthcare system. The benefits of using these machines have had a great effect on health, disease, and care management, especially when it comes to the performance of surgical procedures and medical interventions. As a trainee, you undergo proper training in order to better understand the anatomy of the human body. As a healthcare professional, you become more equipped and better qualified to understand each patient’s individual needs and improve their lives for the better. 
    The need for a portable ultrasound machine may depend on several factors, one of which is the diagnosis required. For instance, if you are considering purchasing a portable ultrasound machine for pregnancy, it is obvious that features such as 3D and 4D would be of great benefit to expectant mothers. There are also numerous portable ultrasound machines that offer diverse features, such as transference of patient files to your software system on a regular basis. Furthermore, particular brands, such as SonoSite, have made it possible to assure convenience, accessibility, and effectiveness for both healthcare professionals and patients.  
  6. Patient convenience 
    Nowadays, patients are always in a hurry. They want you to work more quickly and provide answers as soon as possible. As a doctor, you are well aware that it is important to keep your patients satisfied. With a portable ultrasound machine, you can give your patients the convenience they desire. There is no need for you to keep running around looking for available rooms and equipment, so it is an advantage for you as well. You can remain focused on providing your patients with an accurate diagnosis, all the while ensuring satisfied and healthy patients in the long run. As an added bonus, you can speed up diagnostic testing and delay any time patients may spend waiting for you—again, ensuring patient convenience and satisfaction.

Many, Many, More Features

Portable ultrasound machines have many features, depending on what it is you require: 3D, 4D, cardiac options, etc. These features allow you to provide your patients with the best possible diagnosis and treatment. You can expect the following in a high-quality portable ultrasound machine:

    • Excellent 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging
    • Image optimization
    • State-of-the art system
    • Color quality
    • LCD monitor screen
    • A set of available transducers
    • Streamlined workflow
    • Longer-lasting battery units
    • Swift processing speed
    • Measurement and reporting packages
    • High contrast resolution in emergency screenings
    • Lightweight and compact size
    • Flexibility and reliability
    • Durability
    • Mobility
    • User-friendly

Additionally, there are several brands and models of portable ultrasound machines to choose from. A few models, such as the Chison Line, speed up data storage and require minimal user input, while others, such as the Phillips iE33 model, offer superior, easy-to-use features and advanced imaging capabilities.

Having medical equipment you can count on not only saves you time, but also allows you to spend quality time with current and prospective patients. If you are able to stay in a room with a patient and remain focused, you have a better chance of providing the proper diagnosis and treatment the patient requires. This benefits both you and your medical practice. 

Nowadays, every patient wants to become more and more involved in their diagnosis. They want to be able to see when something is wrong, and a portable ultrasound machine can help them visualize and understand their medical condition a little better. As they begin to accept the need for an ultrasound, they will become more knowledgeable about what they are experiencing. This will likely get them involved in the necessary steps from the diagnosis phase to the treatment phase. Enabling patient involvement with the use of an ultrasound can go a long way in improving patient outcomes and providing quality care. 
As a healthcare professional, you are aware of the large ultrasound machines typically used in hospital facilities and medical practices. While these machines have many uses and possess great potential, the fact of the matter is their bulky nature limits them to specific surroundings, such as hospitals. Portable ultrasound machines, on the other hand, have eliminated these drawbacks. They, too, have a few quarks, but, mostly, they have opened up a whole new line of treatment possibilities. Limited spacing, ease of mobility, and quick scanning are just a few of the ways portable ultrasound machines have guided healthcare professionals in their job responsibilities. 

The size of a portable ultrasound machine is the same size as a laptop. It, too, has a monitor and keyboard that can be used to view and navigate imaging resolutions. It operates on batteries, which is great, because it does not depend on an external source of energy, thus saving costs on electricity. While earlier portability meant heaviness on wheels, now, ultrasound machines vary in size, from laptop to tablet. Depending on your budget and the operation you wish the machine to perform, a quality ultrasound machine can be found anywhere. You may be looking for a laptop-sized machine with high-end system features, or perhaps a more compact version that displays a tablet-sized screen with touch screen capacity. The choices are endless, but the user interface is designed to ensure two common things: maximum usability and optimal performance. 

The rise of technology has not only made it possible for medical equipment to be reduced in portability and size, but also cut down on costs. An ultrasound technician can focus on high-quality scan imaging, all the while knowing the analysis is controlled and monitored on an expert level. Portable ultrasound machines provide several benefits to technicians and facilities of any practice. They see what the naked eye cannot and give doctors an inside view into what may be occurring in a patient’s body—all without the need for invasive procedures and long post-recovery periods. These machines are not only convenient, but also affordable for both you and your patients. Ultrasounds can be extremely useful investments, and they offer superior outcomes. With the use of portable ultrasound machines, you will be able to offer a level of service which every medical practice should have, and a level of reliability every patient deserves.