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10 Breast Cancer Events Across the United States that Fight for a Cure

Avon 39

You probably know what Avon is, but what does the 39 represent? Steps? Years? None of the above; it represents miles. That’s right, the Avon 39 is a two day 39.3-mile walk. Participants suit up and join a community of other walkers as they trudge across a path over two days.

Individuals participating in the Avon 39 not only have to train to make sure they are in performance ready condition, but they also have the chance to raise sponsorship money to help in the fight. Avon uses the funds raised through these events to help local health care providers give women screenings and treatment that may prevent breast cancer and catch it before it’s too late.

You can check out Avon39.org to learn more about the events and find a walk.