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After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Woman Becomes Her Sister's Surrogate

Randi was able to be there the whole time, unlike her first surrogate experience

Randi explained how fortunate they felt to have her sister as their surrogate, and how it was so much better than a stranger, "with our first surrogate, I wasn't there and had to just trust her with everything. With my sister, I got to go to every doctor's appointment and help her as much as I could."

While it was certainly a positive experience to be so connected to her surrogate, Randi admits that at certain times she did go a bit overboard when it came to being protective. She explains, "we were out to dinner and she ordered a Caesar salad and I yelled at her, 'That has raw eggs in it. You can't eat that, and she was like, 'I know what I'm doing.'"

However, she acted as a strong support as well, especially when her sister was on bedrest before delivering the baby.