Women's Health

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Woman Becomes Her Sister's Surrogate

Their story goes to show that breast cancer doesn't have to be the end of family planning

Randi showed that despite the tremendous difficulty of going through cancer, it does not have to mean that you cannot achieve your dreams - despite the hurdles. Of course, you may have to find a different course of action to attain your goals, but that does not mean that they will be any less successful, especially with the support of a loving family, like Erin.

Randi and Erin's story should be a call to men and women in that they should be checked for whether they have the gene mutations, and if so, should take the necessary precautions to remain healthy. The Basser Center for BRCA states women who carry the BRCA gene mutation have up to a 75 percent risk of getting breast cancer, and 50 percent of getting ovarian cancer. For men with the BRCA gene mutations, the cancer risks are also elevated, especially male breast and prostate cancer.