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Beating Ovarian Cancer Twice: Narell's Story

Despite complications, she powered through--again

She explained her fear and distress, "I thought 'surviving it once, yes... twice? I don't know about that.' The odds were against me. Even though I didn't have any ovaries, some cells had survived along the way and had attached to my bowel wall, so I had to have a full bowel resection. I had complications from that, of course. One in three people will wake up and they'll have an ileostomy bag, and I woke up and the doctor said, 'Good news! I reattached your bowel, but you'll have to have this ileostomy bag.' I just about died. It was the worst thing you could say to a young woman. I had that terrible bag for four months."

However, despite her constant pain, inability to walk, eat, or drink, and the bag, she managed to power through. She still has some issues, but she beat the cancer and knows that regardless of any troubles she will have to endure, she is alive and that is the most important thing.