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Books to Read: From Breast Cancer Diagnosis to Treatment

The C-Word

The C-Word

The C-Word is described as “darkly humorous” and “witty & brilliant,” just like the author who wrote it. Lisa Lynch not only wrote a book about her battle with breast cancer, but she also kept up a blog throughout her cancer battle, up until 3 months before her death. Although Lisa Lynch didn’t survive her cancer battle, she was able to truly live her last few years on Earth. She talked about traveling previously and how, at the age of 28, she had to make a list of “Things to do before I’m 30” instead of a “bucket list”. She gives breast cancer sufferers something to laugh at and poke fun at.

She has no shame it pouring out all her emotions and refusing to call her cancer by it’s actual name. She bodes a cruel sense of humor which is welcome by cancer sufferers who are fed up with treatment and people telling them to “keep pushing, it will get better.” In fact, the book was so good that it was actually turned into a movie on BBC starring Sheridan Smith.

Photo: AmBlog