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Books to Read: From Breast Cancer Diagnosis to Treatment

The Snarky Girl's Guide to Breast Cancer

The Snarky Girl's Guide to Breast Cancer

This book talks about everyone who’s ever been diagnosed with breast cancer and blindsided by the little things that you didn’t expect. The author, Andrea Ciccocioppo Rose, was diagnosed with breast cancer unexpectedly and talks about how the little things she wasn’t prepared for after her diagnosis made the biggest impact on her life. Things like bras, the way people would react, dealing with inconsiderate family members, and other things that don’t cross your mind when you hear the words “breast cancer”.

Though classified as a “self-help” book, this read is far from your ordinary “get well quick” book. Andrea doesn’t shy away from the embarrassing, awkward, and downright upsetting side effects and experiences she faced during her battle with breast cancer, which is why this book is so raw and real. She gives the reader someone to relate to, to cry with, to laugh with - she gives you a friend.

Photo: Waynesboro Record Herald