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24-Year-Old Who Faced Breast Cancer Stresses That Young Women Are at Risk Too

She encourages young women to be their own advocates when it comes to their health

After her diagnosis, Whitaker decided to share her story on social media. She created her own website, titled ‘Whitty’s Titty Committee’, where she documents her journey with breast cancer. “You can have a pity party or do something about it. Your voice is powerful so I would rather use it than just sit around and feel sorry for myself,” said Whitaker. She has made several friends on Instagram, where she has also been sharing her breast cancer experiences, including the loss of her hair. “This is God just using her. It’s not something we ever wanted, but He knows her strength,” said Carmen Felix, Whitaker’s mother.

Whitaker hopes to spread the message that young women are at risk too and you should never dismiss what you feel. “Self-awareness and early detection are the strongest tools we have, and you are your own best advocate. If something feels off, speak up! Go get it checked out! If I would have ignored my body — and let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of that — I’m not sure I would have been lucky enough to be diagnosed at a very treatable stage I,” she said.

Photo: Whitty's Titty Committee