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Ovarian Cancer Advocates Call for More Government Funding

Canadian Ovarian Cancer Advocates Call for More Government Funding

Ovarian Cancer Advocates Call for More Government Funding

Just this past February, advocates of ovarian cancer research pressed for the government to help. An organization called Ovarian Cancer, Canada has pushed for federal investment to put more money towards the cause. This means more funds specifically dedicated to supporting research in ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is notoriously difficult to diagnose, which contributes to the high mortality of this disease. When cancer is caught early, the tumor can be eradicated easily. However, if it's been festering for a while, the tumor cells have time to spread to other parts of the body. Once cancer has invaded healthy areas of the body, treatment gets much more complicated.

Lack of research in ovarian cancer keeps mortality rates high

Because there is no money to support research in ovarian cancer, we see mortality rates remaining high for this disease. We haven't been able to develop any better way to detect the tumors. Women everywhere are suffering from ovarian cancer because we don't have the money to find better ways to help them.

Ovarian cancer research is the first step towards finding a cure and saving lives. But they need money to move forward. Science isn't cheap, and developing new drugs is incredibly expensive. That's why advocates are pushing for help from the government. If we can support the scientists who study ovarian cancer, we can help find a better way to treat the disease or detect it early enough to save a woman's life. We need to raise more money and push the government to fund these efforts.

There is a lack of funding for ovarian cancer in everywhere but Canadians advocates are raising their voices 

In 2018, the Canadian government had budgeted important investments into the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. However, there was a severe lack of funding specifically geared towards ovarian cancer. In Canada, ovarian cancer is the most fatal cancer affecting women. Why isn't there government support for a disease that kills thousands of women every year?

Advocates calling for $10 million dollars additional funding from the government to directly support ovarian cancer research

There is no question that more money is needed to help advance the treatment of ovarian cancer and help women survive this disease. We need ovarian cancer research, and we need money for it. Ovarian Cancer Canada has made their voices heard. They immediately took a stand and called for an extra 10 million dollars in federal funding to help promote ovarian cancer research.

Scientists need money to develop new drugs, better treatments, and better tests to diagnose ovarian cancer

This sounds like a lot of money, but it's necessary. The scientists need it to develop new research projects investigating treatments of ovarian cancer. We are still stuck using the same drugs as 20 years ago, with very few new developments to help those sick wives, sisters, and mothers out there who have ovarian cancer. To develop a new treatment, we need new research models. What this means is that scientists are often starting from scratch, and any endeavor in the scientific world can be incredibly expensive.

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