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'Chemo Brain' Is a Big Problem, According to Breast Cancer Patients

What has the study taught us?

What has the study taught us?

Janelsins concluded that the study “shows that cancer-related cognitive problems are a substantial and pervasive issue for many women with breast cancer.” While loss of cognitive ability is a daunting prospect for many individuals, chemotherapy remains the standard of treatment, depending on the unique case.

The study did not extend beyond the 6-month marker, as chemo brain is currently thought to be a temporary side effect of treatment. The data, while significant in that it indicates the reality of chemo brain, still suggests that chemo brain is not experienced by a majority of patients who undergo chemotherapy.

As the team moves on to new research, they hope to gain a greater understanding of any possible link between a person’s biology and cognitive change that they might experience. Such research could lead to preventative measures in the fight against cognitive change or decline in patients who choose to receive chemotherapy.




Questions taken directly from the FACT-Cog survey, found at the above site.