Women's Health

Finding a New Normal After Ovarian Cancer

Coping with anxiety and depression

This was not the first study to look into how anxiety and depression impact those with ovarian cancer; however, these researchers believe that theirs delves deeper into the subject. They explain "most studies have used a cross-sectional design at a single time-point not considered prior history and not included affected women who are symptom-free due to medication."

Again, the researchers wanted to offer a quantitative response to queries about anxiety and depression for those who had been recently diagnosed. They looked into those who had only begun to experience symptoms after diagnosis, those with ongoing symptoms, and how medication or therapy was able to impact their mental state.

216 out of 893 women responded that they had clinical levels of anxiety or depression at least once during the first three years following their diagnosis, while 157 stated that they had taken anxiolytic or anti depression medication. 167 other women stated that they had suffered from subclinical anxiety or depression.