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Giuliana Rancic's Breast Cancer Battle: Where Is She Now?

Giuliana has granted several wishes, including for these two powerful women

Giuliana states that her organization and her partner organization have been able to grant so many amazing wishes for women suffering from breast cancer, and it’s truly indescribable. One of these wishes was for a young girl named Mary.

Mary was told by doctors that they were 99% sure it wasn’t cancer because she was too young; unfortunately they were wrong. Through her struggles, it was hard to express how truly grateful she was for all the support she had during her treatment. When she was given the opportunity to have a wish granted, she wished for all of her supporters to understand how grateful she was for each and every one of them. With that, all of her supporters were treated to a large lunch, where they could all chat, enjoy one another's company, and express their gratitude to one another.

Another wise was for a lady by the name of Synthia. By the time Synthia had the opportunity to have her wish granted, she had undergone 5 surgeries and had lost all of her hair, making her feel insecure. With her wish, she was given a day of beauty and a gorgeous new wig, giving her the confidence to complete her treatment feeling beautiful and a bit more “normal”. Synthia was astoundingly grateful for the opportunity to have her wish granted, and she looks stunning!