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How to I Choose the Right Conditioner for Your Hair

How to I Choose the Right Conditioner for Your Hair

What one needs to remember is that not all products are good for everyone. Understanding how to choose the right conditioner is thus very important to get that much adored tresses.

In most cases, your professional hair stylist would be able to choose the right conditioner for your hair. This is mostly based on the texture of your hair and the type of treatments you have done to it. 

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It goes without saying that color-treated hair requires a different product that is color safe. Look for color-extend and sulphate-free products, as these are more safe. These color safe conditioners will keep the color-treated hair glowing even after washing and styling. If you have more of sun exposure, it is better to opt for products with ultraviolet protection that will prevent fading of the color.

Those who have voluminous hair should ideally use conditioners that will help in smoothening the frizzles and untamed strands. A lighter one would be enough for those who have finer hair. The lighter conditioner would help in giving more life to the strands. It goes without saying that dry hair requires a moisturizing product. Opt for a rich moisturizing conditioner if the hair is dry and lifeless. Curly hair may need a moisturizing formula which will help to add shine to the locks. If you have oily hair, restrict the use of conditioners only to the ends so as to have a healthy balance of moisture.

One needs to take care of how to use the conditioner:

  • Always remember to condition the ends of your hair because they often get damaged and result in split ends.
  • Conditioning the scalp is not always needed.
  • Take care to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout the hair. You can use a comb to spread the same.