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How to Manage 'Muffin Top'

How to Manage Your Muffin Top

It is common for women to store fat around their abdominal region. This type of fat and weight gain commonly occurs in women who are experiencing menopause. When estrogen levels are reduced, it causes the body to redistribute fat onto a woman's hips, abdomen, and buttocks. However, belly fat is not unique to only women who are menopausal. Belly fat can occur in women at any age.

Layers of extra fat in the subcutaneous layer, which is typically around two to five pounds, results in too much visceral fat. This excessive fat in the abdominal area is referred to as toxic fat, as it can lead to a number of health concerns, like inflammation. Inflammation can derive from different health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

However, it is possible to control the addition of fat deposits on one's body. An individual must monitor her eating habits and remember to follow these three diet rules consistently: quality, quantity, and frequency of meals and snacks. Moreover, an individual should try and maintain a pants size below 35 inches. A woman with a waistline above 35 inches will display an unhealthy amount of visceral fat.

These are the necessary steps to eliminate fat deposits:

  • Try and incorporate exercise in your daily routine – combine cardio, weight lifting, and core exercises to receive the best results. Do cardio in intervals, alternating high and low intensity workouts in each session. Try to burn around 400 calories in a session, four to five times times per week. Weight training should incorporated twice a week; core workouts, like yoga and pilates, will also be helpful.
  • Visualize yourself with a flat belly – This will make the whole process of losing weight an enjoyable experience, as you are working towards a personal goal.
  • Combine discipline and self-love – Following a consistent routine of exercise and proper dieting can be difficult for most people. With discipline and self-love, one can achieve their goal with ease.