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8 Inspirational Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families

Breast cancer and a baby

Breast cancer and a baby

Photo credit: Wendy Nielsen

Roxy Martinez was only thirty years old when she received her breast cancer diagnosis. To make matters worse, her and her husband were expecting their second child. Being pregnant already puts a lot of stress on a mother, but getting told they also have breast cancer can be particularly devastating. Roxy was determined to bring her child into the world, and (as suggested by her doctor) immediately underwent a mastectomy on her infected breast. She also did multiple rounds of chemotherapy while pregnant. On the final day of her chemotherapy, she gave birth to a completely healthy baby girl.

The road to recovery hasn't been smooth for Roxy. She says she has battled infections, depression, lymphedema, insomnia, pain and financial struggles as a result of her breast cancer. However, she was determined to not let these obstacles prevent her from living a normal life. She followed her dream and opened her own marketing consultant firm, and started an organization that helped educate women about breast cancer. Roxy's story shows that even if you get diagnosed while pregnant, there is still hope for both you and your child living healthy and happy lives. For more on Roxy and her story, go here.