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8 Inspirational Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families

How the WWE fought breast cancer

How the WWE fought breast cancer

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Many familiar with the WWE know about John Cena, a prominent figure and wrestler in the league. While he is known for his brutality in the ring, he is also known for his acts of kindness (as well as his involvement in pranks and fan visits). One particular social experiment had Cena reading fan mail from those who claimed he had changed their life.

One letter was turned into a video, and was from a young boy named Tyler Schweer. In the video, Schweer explains that his mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier that year. He was stricken with grief, and he feared that he would lose his mom forever. Schweer eventually went to a live match featuring Cena, who gave Schweer a wrist band (not knowing who he was at the time). The wrist band said what John Cena always told those who were struggling. Never give up. Schweer says that he gave that wristband to his mother when she was going in to her first breast cancer surgery. Cena watched the video and began to tear up, when Schweer and his mother burst through the green screen to greet Cena. Cena was overwhelmed with emotion and gave the boy a hug. According to Schweer and his mom, she was completely cancer free.

This story just goes to show how even a tiny gesture can completely change the lives of survivors and their families. To watch the full video, click here.