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8 Inspirational Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families

Love and support through trying times

Love and support through trying times

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On October 1st, 2015, survivor Tiana was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, this was not the first time she had to deal with a disastrous medical diagnosis. On her anniversary the previous year, her husband had a hemorrhagic stroke that caused him to fall into a coma for two weeks. He survived, but was left brain damaged. She assisted with his infusion treatments and would have to clothe him, feed him, and bathe him. Eventually, he was able to read and walk again. Shortly after he was finally better, Tiana had received her terrible news.

Tiana says she has undergone multiple chemotherapy treatments and has gone through countless rounds of treatment. Thankfully, she says that she was told she was cancer free by her doctor. She credits her husband and her faith with giving her the power to fight through treatments and beat breast cancer. For more on Tiana and her story, read here.